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Castor An Incredible Ingredient That Unlocks Constipation, Enhance Hair Growth and Relieves Pain

Castor An Incredible Ingredient That Unlocks Constipation, Enhance Hair Growth and Relieves Pain

 How to use castor oil

Castor oil knows many uses, especially for health. We usually found in soaps, lubricants, but you can use only. Follow the guide !

A little history
Castor oil comes from the plant ricin, native to tropical Africa. The castor bean is not edible because it is toxic. Only the oil is not and contains virtues. It is used for centuries by men to smooth out their beards and their hair and women to take care of their bodies. Legend has it that Cleopatra was a follower of this magical oil.

Composition of castor oil
It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, rich in antioxidants, and is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It is particularly nourishing and can be used on just about any body: skin, hair, eyelashes, nails, and even alleviate some pain. In addition, castor oil is also well known for its laxative effects.

How to use castor oil?
Pain (muscles, stomach, etc.) - It is an excellent remedy against osteoarthritis and arthritis (any pain in the joints, ligaments, tendons, bones or other parts of the musculoskeletal system) . Dip a piece of wool in oil and wrap in the painful area for 1 hour then place a hot water bottle to warm the painful area. You may also relieve stomach discomfort by doing the same.

Dark circles - With its thick texture, castor oil can be used as a cream to apply under the eyes. Put a few drops under your eyes tired, massage circularly and let the magic operate.

Cool the skin - Castor oil overcomes problems such as dry skin, pigmentation, age spots, eczema, etc. Mix castor oil with a little coconut or jojoba oil, apply on your skin and see the results. It hydrates the skin and purifies.

long eyelashes and eyebrows trimmed - This is a very viscous oil, so to facilitate the application, use a mascara brush and leave it on overnight and wash your eyes in the morning. After a few uses, your hair will have grown more rapidly than usual.

Constipation - This oil is an excellent laxative. Swallow in half a teaspoon on an empty stomach to relieve your constipation problems.
Cracked heels - To soften the skin of your feet and moisturize, coat your rough heels and castor oil cracks and wear socks to keep the product as long as possible.

Split ends - It softens the cuticles and eliminates the split ends. A castor oil bath on your hair once a week is enough.

long and thick hair - Castor oil is very nourishing, it moisturizes the scalp and makes them brighter and softer hair, but mostly, it greatly accelerates the shoot. The ricinoleic acid present in this miracle oil revives your hair and boost the production of their natural oils.

Mix 3 tablespoons of castor oil and coconut oil 1, apply to your hair and let sit for a few hours that mask its full effect. Repeat this twice a week for a month, to surprising results.

Warning ! After a month of treatment, you must indispensably be a month off so that your scalp does not get used to this too fat intake.

hard and not brittle nails - Apply castor oil for an entire night on your cuticles and nails weakened to restore their luster. The next day, you'll notice a clear difference.

Warning :
Consumed in high doses, castor oil has an intense irritant and purgative. It can lose water and minerals that the body needs and causing nausea, acute diarrhea and vomiting.

Castor oil is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, people suffering from appendicitis and other diseases related to inflammation of the intestines.

Do not exceed the dose of half a teaspoon of castor oil per day.