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What The Color Of Your Nail Polish Reveals About Your Personality

What The Color Of Your Nail Polish Reveals About Your Personality

Nail Polish Reveals About Your Personality

The change of season requires a few adaptations. Not only must we change our wardrobe according to the temperatures that increase or decrease, but we must also be careful in the choice of colors to wear. Dark in winter and lighter or flashy in summer, they are a reflection of our personality and the main features of our character. Discover, in the following, what the choice of the color of your nail on your personality.

Women, whatever their age, generally attach great importance to their physical appearance. That is why they introduce a beauty routine that allows them to take care of their skin, their hair and their whole body. Among the steps in this routine, hand care: exfoliation and hydration of the skin, nail and cuticle, and finally, a layer of varnish to put all in value. Given that the choice of varnish color is an indicator of your personality, find out what your manicure reveals you!

Red :

This bright color is popular in nail polish, because it suits all skin colors and showcases the beauty of hands. Symbolizing love and passion, it is generally adopted by confident women who are not afraid to be the center of attention. The choice of this color also reflects an outgoing and dynamic personality, who likes to distinguish from others and impose his charisma.

Neon yellow:

Flashy and not at all discreet, the choice of this color requires boldness and assurance. Not passing unnoticed, this flamboyant color is an invitation to exchange and communication. Women who love it are generally very open and friendly, and have a light character and full of positive energy, which certainly gets around them a large circle of friends.

Blue :

Less dynamic than the previous one, the blue color is rather chosen by women with mild and calm temperament. His lighter shade recalls the color of the sky that is generally associated with peace, wisdom and open-mindedness. Women who prefer this color are known for their serenity, their ability to listen and dreamy side.

White :

Color mat, white is not, however, easy to wear polish. eternal symbol of purity and innocence, white can easily turn into a too showy or vulgar polish color, if it is not placed correctly. The women who proudly wear are invariably fashionistas, because it is very trendy now, especially in matte color. They are sweet and innocent, with a preference for quiet and open areas.

Pink :

Sweeter than red, but equally feminine, pink is the color of women who assume their femininity and are proud. They attach great importance to their physical appearance that has to be flawless, without being that of a  fatal woman. They combine perfectly innocence and great attractiveness. Their gentle nature, soft and very female attracts male who finds himself helpless before them.

A tip to remove a stubborn nail polish:

Some polish colors such as red or black, or glitter polish, are difficult to remove and can leave marks on your nails, not very pretty to see. To effectively remove your polish, try this simple trick:

You will need 10 cotton balls, thinner, and aluminum foil. Soak cotton balls in your solvent, then apply it on your nails, making sure they are completely covered. Then cover it with foil and let stand for about fifteen minutes. Once the time to pose finished, remove the foil and remove your polish with ease!