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The Impact Of Dental Aging On Mental Health

The Impact Of Dental Aging On Mental Health

Dental Aging On Mental Health

At an advanced age, poor oral hygiene can affect unsuspected on overall health, causing heart disease and even joint problems! But that's not all, the dental aging can also significantly impact the mental health ... Explanations.

The enamel becomes thinner, the brightness that tarnishes, roots who discover sometimes up to receding ... The teeth are not immune to the aging process. And saliva production tends to decrease over the years, encouraging bacterial growth, tooth decay, gum disease or even ... What is less obvious is the impact of poor oral hygiene on overall health, whether physical or mental. Infections may thus cause joint problems, heart diseases, dermatological ... but not only.

What causes dental aging on mental health?

Besides these health problems affecting the body, badly treated teeth can negatively affect your life every day. Because the smile is, with the look, the first contact with each other. A smile that lacks luster not only reflected poor health, but can also generate a lack of confidence. When we dare not smile, relative to other currency, and social life takes a hit.

As for the elderly, aging can also affect chewing, resulting in malnutrition, and diction, decreasing social ease. A sense of isolation can result, often causing depression.

How to preserve today's oral health?

It is essential to opt for a toothpaste suited for aging issues, and to brush their teeth after every meal. If disabled or joint problems in hands, you can use an electric toothbrush or seek help for each brushing. Drink lots of water to counter the lack of saliva and thus avoid the appearance of bacteria. 

Visit your dentist at least twice a year and the slightest pain, before a potential of infection takes hold. Also pay attention to the medications you are taking: some can dry the mouth or have an abrasive effect on the enamel.