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4 Bad Habits That Make Men Leave The Relationship

4 Bad Habits That Make Men Leave The Relationship

 Men Leave The Relationship

Your partner becomes indifferent and distant? You feel that you are losing it little by little and you have no idea what causes these changes? Ladies, you may either (partly) your fault! Find out in this Article the 4 habits that drive men away.

Couples, as in any thing that maintains in life, there are some mistakes to avoid. Only, there is a tendency to recognize too late! We obviously can list all the things that can lead men away, because they certainly do not apply to everyone, but some remain essential ...

1 - Being disrespectful

The marital relationship is not all pinky. Some exchanges or behaviors can be hurtful and even violent. Stressful situations, financial problems, work pressure ... are all factors that can push the person to make verbal excesses and disrespect to his partner. But these words that escape us at a moment of anger or carelessness, that can leave marks in the long run, threaten the stability of the couple.

You should know that respect, just as love and communication, is the basis for a healthy relationship. Disrespect to your partner, directly or indirectly, is certainly not the best way to express your love or tell him that you value him. Even if you apologize after each inappropriate behavior, be aware that anyone with a threshold of patience and tolerance that it can not exceed.

So learn to manage your anger, and always take the time to think carefully before saying or doing something. Watch your language and always try to put yourself in the place of the other. Just be respectful of others to you make it!

2 -Complaining Constantly

In the most difficult times, we all feel the need to express what we feel and share it with others, to relieve us. Only a person who constantly complains and criticizes everything can be difficult to bear.

Couples, especially, people who constantly complain may be unlivable. These are often negative people, whose pessimism does not affect their person but also the people around them. They are often very irritable and angry easily. Their negativity can be contagious and affect the well-being of their partner, which it will eventually lost patience!

To save their marriage, they must first work on themselves. We must stop feeding the negative thoughts and try gradually to think positively. This will not only help them feel better about themselves, but also to have a more fulfilling relationship.

By dint of patience and will, they will get there!

3 - Manipulation

Manipulators are toxic people, rotting the lives of those who cross their path! In a relationship, a manipulative partner can use and abuse of various techniques such as guilt, authority or seduction to achieve his ends. It controls the other, which will one day away.

Remember, ladies, your partner has engaged in a relationship with you, but that does not make him an object that belongs to you. This is a person who can think and act for itself and that must obviously have a say in the relationship!
In wanting to control everything, you push your partner to feel useless and manipulated. He feels that his personality disappears face your behavior, which will naturally lead him to leave.

Your relationship must be based on respect and understanding. Learn how to discuss things that affect your relationship and make decisions together!

4 - Neglection

Many men complain of changes of habits, temperaments, but also appearance of their partner after a long time together. They do not take as much care of them. Yet some women spend most of their time to their beloved, but by dint of forgetting themselves, they get the opposite effect. Ladies, your man will appreciate the more you see as pretty and feminine early days!

With the stresses of work and children, women find little time for them. But this should not be an excuse! Do not hesitate to show a strand of selfishness, to take the time to pamper yourself and pamper you. Do it for yourself.