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My House Never Smell Fresh, But When I Learned This Trick ... amazing!

My House Never Smell Fresh, But When I Learned This Trick ... amazing!

House Smell Fresh Trick

Some areas of the house like the kitchen, bathroom or furniture like chairs or carpets, can be real traps odors. Often They persist even after aeration, pushing us to use deodorants. But these products at very pleasant scent present a significant health risk. Instead, opt for natural solutions and learn to make your own air freshener home with natural ingredients!

We use different products to scent our homes or eliminate bad odors that can accumulate. Deodorants in particular are prized for their ability to cover up foul odors and for pleasant aromas they spread in the interiors.

exotic fruits, herbs, citrus scents ... the choice is wide, but do you know that these products which appear harmless threaten your health?

Deodorants, like many other products with the same function, are causing indoor pollution. A phenomenon as dangerous as outdoor pollution, which can increase the risk of cancer and has been linked to many health problems, including asthma. According to a 2007 study, the use of air freshener once a week can raise the risk of asthma in adults.

Indeed, deodorants contain many toxic chemicals they project into the air. According to the results of a study by Public Health England's of Center of Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards, these products produce large amounts of formaldehyde, a substance classified carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program.

In addition, the Journal of Public Health said, after a study of 2000 pregnant women, those who used air fresheners were more likely to give birth to babies with lung infections.

Thus, deodorants, by their composition, are true air pollutants. Avoid as much use to preserve his health.

Opt for natural tricks to scent your home and eliminate odors! You can make your own deodorant 100% natural.

Recipe natural deodorant

  • 2 cups water
  • 4 tablespoons of baking soda
  • A few drops of essential oil of your choice (lemon, lavender, orange, eucalyptus ...)


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, let stand 30 minutes, then pour the solution into a spray bottle.
Spray your mix to all areas of your home that tend to absorb odors.

This deodorant house is very effective in removing odors and leaves a pleasant scent. The ingredients used to prepare it are all natural and most effective:

Baking soda is known for centuries for its multiple properties and for its multifunction side. Antiseptic and antibacterial, it eliminates bacteria, absorb and neutralize odors. It can not only be the basis for recipes natural deodorants but also cleansers, deodorants ...
Essential oils of lavender, lemon, orange, eucalyptus or peppermint are very effective to remove odors. They all have antiseptic and antibacterial properties that make it powerful natural deodorant. Their fragrance captivate your home!

Warnings :

Essential oils are handled with care, and are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, or if you have a baby or pet. To prevent any risk in such cases, use only the mixture of water and baking soda, already very effective to deodorize.