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How To Lose Weight According To Your Shape

How To Lose Weight According To Your Shape

Lose Weight According To Your Shape

No matter what the scale says, the key is that you're healthy. The ideal body depends only on your goals. If you are a professional athlete, you tend to want to reduce the level of fat in your body while taking into account your physical constitution. Hence the importance of knowing your biotypology.

Women have inherently more fat than men because their body contains a larger quantity of essential fats (for the absorption of vitamins in different foods). The ideal body fat percentage is between 20 and 30% among women, 10 to 25% for men. For athletes, this rate should be between 15 and 25%.
Let's start by identifying your biotypology:


You probably are tall and slender but not particularly muscular. You can be a "big thin" you do not weigh heavy but your body fat percentage is high.

The ectomorph are those who take the least weight quickly thanks to their rapid metabolism. They eat all they want without fat. The dream, right? But they often have a little fat on the belly and are very muscular. They are lightweight and have low corpulence joints. Their genetic inheritance prevents gain muscle easily.

If you fit this category and are looking to beef up your body, aim for strength and resistance exercises to strengthen you. For optimal physical constitution (lose fat and gain muscle), eat good fats, starches and 25-30 grams of protein per meal (4 per day). Avoid snacking because you'll be less hungry when actually eating.


In general, liquid crystal have a well proportioned body. They are predisposed to develop muscle mass easily (faster than any other category), easily gaining and losing weight, and usually stand straight.

This morphology is characterized by a long torso and short limbs. Women are strong and athletic. Mesomorphic excel in sports that require strength and speed. This is due to the quality of their muscles whose ability to contract quickly is unbelievable.

If you fit this category, instead working your stamina and plyometrics (it allows to multiply the capacity to make a more powerful move over a very short period). You can also do yoga or Pilates to have more strength. For optimal physical constitution (lose fat and gain muscle), eat good fats but less starchy. If you want a snack, drink coffee or tea.


You probably are plump and have curves. You easily store fat.

The endomorph themselves as those who have had the least chance the genetic lottery. They are round, gain weight easily and have difficulty controlling their body fat. Their metabolism will forgive them no gap. But that's not mean they are doomed to be overweight or obese. They must help their body to burn calories more easily by sports daily.

To help your slow metabolism, you need to eat the right foods that will accelerate. Do vigorous sports like CrossFit or weight lifting. For optimal physical constitution (lose fat and gain muscle), Eat good fats and proteins but avoid starchy vegetables to control insulin and blood sugar. also avoid snacking.