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How To Get Rid Of hallux valgus Or Onion Feet Naturally

How To Get Rid Of hallux valgus Or Onion Feet Naturally

Get Rid Of hallux valgus Onion Feet Naturally

The onion feet or hallux valgus, its medical name, is a problem that affects the big toe. Painful, embarrassing and very unsightly, this condition of the foot can be uncomfortable every day. To remedy this, patients follow treatment regimens, but if they show no signs of improvement and that complications occur, surgery may be necessary. Natural alternatives can also be a great help for treating hallux valgus. Here are two very effective home remedies.

What is hallux valgus?

Hallux valgus, commonly called a bunion of the foot corresponds to a deformation of the big toe. It deflects inward, or towards the other toes of the foot, thereby resulting in alteration of the shape of the forefoot, particularly at the first metatarsal. This misalignment of the big toe causes the formation of what is called a bunion, which is causing pain during walking and difficulties of donning. Indeed, when the protruding area (onion) under pressure or friction when wearing shoes, the skin thickens, becomes red and painful, following inflammation of bursitis. Note, however, that in some cases, hallux valgus can be completely painless.

The foot of onion usually has no symptoms in the early and evolving stages. At first the deviation is slight, then becomes moderate, reaching a severe stage in which the toe is placed below or above the second toe.

The causes and risk factors of hallux valgus:

Hallux valgus affects more women than men. This condition of the feet is mainly caused by:
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes; too tight, pointed toe, high heels
  • The age (from 40 years)
  • Menopause
  • The flat foot
  • heredity

Symptoms and complications of hallux valgus:

Hallux valgus evolves in spurts. Subjects who suffer feel pain at the medial side of the foot. Pain that worsens especially when walking or wearing shoes.

Besides being painful and unsightly, hallux valgus can lead to other complications. This foot condition can cause claw toes, arthritis, skin problems and dorsal horns.

How to treat hallux valgus?

For treating hallux valgus, doctors usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers to relieve pain associated with this problem. Patients should also have an appropriate and wide boot, put a brace and make rehabilitation sessions.

These treatments usually help relieve pain and reduce the pressure on the other toes, but not correct in any case deformation. It is only when these treatments have no effect and does not relieve the pain, the surgery can be considered. This is considered in case of unbearable and persistent pain and occurrence of complications.

In addition to these treatments, it is also possible to alleviate this problem with natural tips. Here are two natural remedies and easy to prepare to mitigate the pain and onion address this problem:

Tip 1: Bay leaves

This trick is to remove the body of salt deposits in order to relieve hallux valgus. laurel leaves have multiple properties that help fight against this problem. How to proceed ?

Pour a tablespoon of bay leaves cut into small pieces in a pot of 300 ml of water and boil for 5 minutes. Then put the solution into a thermos and leave overnight. The next morning, filter the preparation for recovering the liquid. And now, your drink is ready. Drink it in small sip throughout the day.

Follow this treatment for 3 consecutive days, making sure to prepare the drink every night to make it cooler. Repeat the treatment after 7 days, in the same way, for a total period of two months.

Do not be surprised if you have to urinate frequently during treatment. This is completely normal. This is a sign that the salt accumulated in the body is in the process of dissolving.

The first results of this trick, stand out after 10 days. You will feel less pain and your feet onions disappear gradually.

Tip 2: iodine and aspirin

The remedy for iodine is aspirin is a grandmother of the most popular trick to reduce the feet of onions and relieve joint pain.

Crush 5 aspirin tablets and mix with 10 ml of iodine, to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Apply the solution on the affected areas every night, to reduce pain and slow the development of the onion.