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How To Get White Teeth ?

How To Get White Teeth ?

How To Get White Teeth

Difficult to keep his white teeth! Here are some tips for glowing teeth.

Proper brushing
Choosing a good toothbrush is essential for a bright smile and white teeth. It should also look after the cleaning and apply, so as to avoid the formation of tartar and other unwanted stains.

It is important to choose his toothbrush, preferably flexible and change every 3 months.

Regularity of brushing
3 times daily (at minimum) and for 2 minutes. This seems long? Yet this is the time it takes to provide its teeth brushing optimal. The first brushing is done before, not after breakfast to ensure proper protection of enamel.

Clean foods
Yes, there cleaning foods, such as apples. Biting acidity and help reduce tartar. Carrot and celeriac have the same cleaning effect! Cheese (preferably goat), meanwhile, struggle against food acids that can erode the enamel.

Moderate the consumption of coffee or tea including black tea. Both beverages contain tannins that alter the whiteness of the teeth and cause them yellowing. Some foods also have a coloring power such as beets, blueberries or tomato sauce. This does not eliminate these foods from your diet but to properly clean the teeth after their consumption.