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Lowering Cholesterol With A Simple Herbal Tea

Lowering Cholesterol With A Simple Herbal Tea

Lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the causes of cardiovascular disease. In excess, it develops on the heart's arteries, forming fatty plaques. The passage of blood becomes difficult and promotes blood clot formation. The risk of heart attack becomes high. Fight cholesterol through a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and adequate exercise. To prevent high cholesterol can consume cholesterol-lowering plant.

The causes of bad cholesterol

Diet is an important factor of cholesterol. Too much saturated fatty acids are involved in the formation of fatty plaques in the arteries of the heart and overweight and lack of physical activity no longer allow the body to burn fat and promotes the formation of fatty plaques. Genetics, too, an important part in the formation of LDL cholesterol in the blood (the bad cholesterol). Indeed, it is possible that a person from childhood, suffers from cholesterol.

How to lower his LDL cholesterol?

By decreasing the absorption of saturated fatty acids in the diet (meats, cheese, butter ...) and facilitating its removal from the body. Either by dieting and practicing a sport, allowing the body to reduce the bad fats. Either by consuming certain foods that have an effect on bad cholesterol. Such as fiber that can lower LDL cholesterol by about 10%, soya which is consumed three times a day lowers the rate of 10 to 15% and oats and barley can lower of 5 to 10%, at 60 grams per day. Thus, there is evidence that some fruits, some plants are fighting bad cholesterol. Like apple for example, by being consumed on a daily basis helps to fight against cholesterol LDL.

To fight cholesterol naturally, here is a medicinal tea made from natural ingredients.

● Boil One Liter of water for 5 minutes

● 2 artichoke leaves

● 2 pinches of dandelion

● 2 pinches of lime sapwood

● 2 pinches of rosemary

● 2 pinches of garlic

● 2 pinches of tea Strain and drink two to three cups during the day.

This preparation can be prepared for the day or stored in bottles in the refrigerator for the coming week. In this case add two pinches for each half liter and more. 

NB: It is strongly recommended that this herbal cure several times a year and for a month before his blood sample for the annual control his cholesterol.