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One Quality Makes Men More Attractive Than Their Look or Their Sense Of Humor

One Quality Makes Men More Attractive Than Their Look or Their Sense Of Humor

One Quality Makes Men More Attractive

When this is not the beauty of a man that makes it attractive to women, it is necessarily his sense of humor. WRONG! Studies have clearly shown that altruism is the single most attractive. It tops the ranking of qualities that make crack the women when they seek a relationship. Explanations.

What the Studies in Canada and Great Britain

A new study published by the British Journal of Psychology found that men are more altruistic love than the others.

Researchers have sought to single Canadian men many good deeds they had done, like giving money to a charity or help someone get his car stuck in the snow. They then asked them how often they had love making and how many partners they had.

The verdict is clear: men who reported having a greater number of good gestures have more partners and their companions less likely to help their neighbor. For those who were in a relationship, men of generous nature were more likely to have made love more often in the last 30 days.

In the second experiment of the study, the researchers asked university students to new if they wanted to participate in charitable giving money. Those who answered yes were more likely to have regular love making with their girlfriend or unknown. In addition, those couples have better intimate relationship and healthier and more stable relations in general.

When women have to choose

Another study, published in January 2016 in the Evolutionary Psychology Journal, 202 women submitted to a choice between several men. The different combinations were beautiful or not, and if they had done good or not.

The women chose the physically attractive but selfish men for a one night stand, while for a serious relationship and long term, they preferred altruistic men, whether physical or not attractive.

A study by the Journal of Social Psychology, published in 2013, forcefully confirms these results. It appears that women place more importance on altruism and other traits to evaluate how a potential partner could be a good father. Respondents also reported that altruism is important for short-term relationships, but it is especially for stable and lasting relationships.

What about Germany?

Another study, published in July 2015 in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal analyzed the responses of German nationals in a vast annual survey. Unmarried people doing good things were more likely to be in a relationship that was following year. They also had less time to get married than their less altruistic peers.

What about other character traits?

There is agreement all to say that altruism is essential but that does not mean that other qualities are overlooked. The humor in a future partner is very important for women because they put the related high intelligence.

A good sense of humor is also a good indicator of sensual activity. A US study found that men judged the funniest women reported having more love making and partners. However, for long-term relationships, researchers continue to argue that altruism is a crucial quality and much sought.

It is therefore essential for men looking to get in serious relationship do good around them to charm their future sweetheart!