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4 Signs To Never Get Back With Your Ex

4 Signs To Never Get Back With Your Ex

Never Get Back With Your Ex

Romantic relationships are sometimes very complicated, even post-breakup. Partners can keep feelings towards each other, which pushes them to consider an eventual reconciliation. But is it really healthy to resume with his ex after a first failure? If you ask yourself this article is for you. Discover the 4 signs that prove you do not have to get back with your ex.

Take or not to take with her ex, that is the question! For many people, the breaks are never final, because they can always reconsider the possibility to get back with their ex. When the partners really put it and try to focus on the causes of the first failure, they managed to build a solid couple. But when they are blinded by their feelings or guided by other motives, they see history repeat itself.

Here are 4 signs that you should not back with your ex:

1 - Your friends do not like your Ex.

Relatives, especially friends, are generally the people that they trust. We share with them our moments of happiness but also our sorrows ... including love. If you used to tell your friends the details of your relationship with your partner or they knew him closely, they have a global vision of the situation. And if they do not recommend you to take, they are certainly right.

Your friends have seen how your partner treating you and what you had to endure. Ask them what they think of your ex and take their opinion into consideration, especially if you are sure to be surrounded by true friends who really want your good. If they tell you clearly that this person does not deserve a second chance and you give reasonable arguments, you might want to listen to! Remember that your opinion will never be neutral because it is guided by your feelings.

2 - Your Ex flatters your ego.

A small boost of ego is always appreciated, especially during difficult times. You are single, or only have taken a few kilos? Compliments would certainly not refuse to increase your self-confidence! But when it's your ex that you courted by flattering your ego, then he'll have to be vigilant. It may be that your ex is trying to manipulate you by using different seduction techniques for you to be hers again.

Do not be seduced by his words and do not succumb to its charm. Tell yourself that even if it is currently compliment you, it may be that he has not changed at all. When you will fall into his arms, he will resume his old habits and become again exactly as before. Stay away from him for a moment to assess the situation.

3 - No reciprocal trust.

Before getting back with your ex, always ask yourself this question: why it did not work the first time? If confidence was the main concern of your couple, we have to make sure it was restored, otherwise, be prepared to relive the same problems!

Indeed, if your partner has already deceived or he does not trust you and plays the detective in his spare time, there are chances that the same story. Are you really ready to bear its fits of jealousy, his interrogations, his lies or deceptions? Infidelity and excessive jealousy are real turn-off and can destroy the most solid couples.

A healthy relationship is a relationship based primarily on love, respect and trust. You deserve much better than to live this torture again!

4 - You are missing your Ex or you feel alone

Get back with his ex after a recent breakup is certainly not the best of ideas. This transition period is often very difficult.

You do not think clearly, you feel alone and you do not particularly support the idea that you could continue your life like that.

You are simply vulnerable and can easily be influenced. Give yourself time and experience the break to be able to overcome, instead of fleeing the situation. Take time to do some soul searching to determine the nature of your feelings. Do you really miss your ex or you just need someone on your side?

Focus on yourself and set your priorities and the criteria you are looking for in your next contenders. This will help enormously to make the right decision.