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Why You Should Sleep On The Left Side Every Night

Why You Should Sleep On The Left Side Every Night

Sleep On The Left Side Every Night

After a long day running in all directions to carry out these daily tasks that never end, we look forward to that moment when we can finally we lie down and close your eyes to enjoy a good night's sleep. Indeed, sleep sufficient hours a night helps release our tensions, recharge our depleted batteries and to preserve the health of our brain. However, the positions we take in sleep can influence the quality of our sleep and our health. Discover the amazing benefits of sleeping on the left side!

Each of us has a favorite sleeping position that allows him to sleep peacefully and comfortably all night. Some prefer to sleep on their backs, others in the fetal position, while many like to sleep on the left or right side.

Putting aside the aspect of "comfort" of these different positions, it is important to know the effects of each on your health. Sleeping on the back, for example, is beneficial for people who suffer from back pain, but this position can be dangerous for those with asthma or sleep apnea, because it aggravates the risks associated with difficulties breathing. As for sleeping on the right side, it encourages heartburn and acid reflux, and reduces blood flow to the uterus in pregnant women.

The best position to adopt for enjoying your night's sleep while preserving your health, the rest on the left side. Before discussing the specific benefits to this position briefly recall the benefits of having a sufficient number of hours of sleep.

Sleep health benefits

In addition to release muscle tension accumulated during the day and increase our performance for the next day, sleep an average of 8 hours a night, for a healthy adult, brings a multitude of benefits:

  • Reduce stress and cortisol levels in the body
  • Improve mood and enhance memory
  • Strengthen the immune system defenses
  • Preserve heart health
  • Prevent weight gain by reducing the secretion of ghrelin - hunger hormone
  • Allow the brain to clean and to release toxins
  • Improve the quality and appearance of the skin (less dark circles and bags under the eyes, etc.)

The benefits of sleep on the left side

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, adopt this sleeping position allows your body to maintain normal functioning during sleep, and maintain the health of internal organs.

For heart health

Sleeping on the left side, our heart takes a position that allows it to pump blood more easily, which promotes blood circulation and allows a better irrigation of all tissues and organs of the body.

For the digestive system

The stomach and pancreas, which are two essential elements in the process of digestion, are on the left side of our body. Thus, sleeping on the side, they are guaranteed a natural position and, thus, it ensures optimum operation. The stomach continues her contractions of smooth and natural, and the pancreas secretes its effective enzymes that aid digestion. Moreover, taking advantage of good digestion, the body manages to absorb maximum nutrients from your food. By cons, sleeping on the right side tipped stomach and forced to empty prematurely, causing indigestion and acid reflux.

For the lymphatic system

Our lymphatic system is operative to drain excess fluid from the body and facilitate their disposal. Since the majority of its members are on the left side, sleeping on the same side facilitates lymphatic drainage, thanks to the natural force of gravity, and helps eliminate waste and toxins accumulated in the body.

By knowing all the benefits of this sleeping position, it would be a shame not to get started as soon as possible, if not already the one you prefer. To help you change your sleeping position, here are some tips to apply.

Some tips to start sleeping on the left side:

Change sleep position you are taking for years and in which you feel comfortable can be difficult. But by applying these tips, you will succeed in no time:
  • On the right side of your bed, install a light source. Beginning fall asleep, your body instinctively seek to move away from the light and you will end automatically on the left side.
  • Put yourself on the left side and place pillows glued to your back, to prevent you back your sleep.
  • Sleep on the other side of the bed, to encourage you to sleep on the other side of your body.