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Warning: Do Never Store Potatoes In The Refrigerator

Warning: Do Never Store Potatoes In The Refrigerator

Potatoes In The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is unquestionably an indispensable appliance. It is necessary to keep food fresh for a longer period. Only, contrary to popular belief, all foods do not necessarily need to keep it fresh. This is particularly the case of potatoes, placed in the refrigerator, deteriorate faster, or worse, can be hazardous to health. Explanations.

In order to preserve food as long as possible, we make the mistake of putting any type of food in the refrigerator. Now some of them are perfectly preserved in the open air, because the costs can accelerate degradation and change their taste. Meat, fish or dairy products must be fresh, unlike some fruits and vegetables it is best to keep at room temperature. Among this list are potatoes. This starchy vegetable, which is one of the most consumed vegetables in the world because very satisfying and nutritious, can indeed alter when it is placed in the refrigerator.

In fact, the cold of the refrigerator is on one of the components of the potatoes, which can alter their texture and taste. Potatoes have a sweeter taste will be more granular and will darken faster during cooking. But this can also have an effect on health. We explain.

Starch, a complex carbohydrate content in the potato, is transformed quickly into sugar under the effect of freshness. Thus, when they are roasted or fried, these sugars are associated with asparagine, which is a natural amino acid, and produce acrylamide.

Acrylamide: what health hazard?

Acrylamide is a chemical substance that results from a chemical reaction. It is formed naturally in foods that contain a lot of starch during cooking at high temperatures (over 120 ° C), especially when frying or grilling. including those found in the toast, French fries or potato chips.

This chemical is a source of worry and concern in recent years. The International Agency for Research against Cancer (IARC) has classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Moreover, a study funded by the European Union has found a positive link between high levels of acrylamide in the blood and the onset of breast cancer.

Although other studies and scientific research are still needed to confirm the carcinogenic effect of acrylamide, it is more healthy to limit your exposure to this substance. Avoid or reduce the consumption of foods that contain them like French fries or potato chips.

It is also important to pay close attention to the conditions of conservation of potatoes, so you do not get to this substance the ideal environment for training. It is recommended to store the potatoes in a place away from light and a temperature of more than 8 ° C.

Other foods not stored in the refrigerator:

Tomato paste and become softer when stored in the refrigerator. The ideal is to keep them in a place at room temperature and away from sunlight.

The onions
The cold from the refrigerator accelerates the deterioration of onions and makes them lose their crunch. It must be placed in a dry place, away from light, especially away from potatoes. Kept together, these vegetables tend to deteriorate faster.

The bread
Keep the bread in the refrigerator is not going to keep it fresh, but will make it hard and dry. It is advisable to put it in a dry place. By cons, if you want to preserve it for a longer time, you can keep it in the freezer.

Place garlic in the refrigerator is a very bad idea. The latter, under the effect of freshness, will rot faster. Indeed, the bulbs will damage due to moisture.

Keep it rather in a paper bag or a small net to place in a warm, dry place.