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Warning: These Foods Made In China Contain Plastics, Pesticides and Carcinogens

Warning: These Foods Made In China Contain Plastics, Pesticides and Carcinogens

Foods Made In China Contain Plastics, Pesticides and Carcinogens

Between the scandal of toxic toys or contaminated drugs, the least we can say is that products made in China are not good press. And today, the controversy relates to the field of agribusiness. European markets were flooded with food products made in China, which are very affordable but can be a real health hazard.

The Made In China products have flooded the markets of the world. After the furniture, clothing, high-tech products or toys, it is the turn of agribusiness. from China in foods are very common in France. These include fish and frozen or canned as found in supermarkets.

These products are usually cheaper, making them much more popular. Only their healthy side remains to be discussed. Indeed, China is a country that has recorded numerous food scandals. The methods of production and manufacturing are bleak, and very different from those adopted in Europe. For example, some pesticides used excessively in China are forbidden in France.

Thus, caution! It is important to ensure the origin of the goods you consume. Here are 7 foods to avoid:

1 - Tilapia fish
Tilapia, which includes different kinds of cichlids, which reproduces very quickly, is considered the perfect farmed fish. Affordable and neutral tasting, tilapia fish is the species most sold fish in the world.

Only, farmed tilapia can be dangerous to health. Indeed, in addition to the inflammatory potential it presents because it contains a level of omega-3 lower, fish contains high concentrations of pesticides and antibiotics. Breeders of this species of fish give them these substances to keep them alive.

But farmed tilapia which originates in China remains the most harmful. This country is considered the largest exporter of this fish has bad farming techniques that do not meet European standards. Indeed, it has been reported that farmed tilapia from China was fed geese droppings and pigs.

A more economical option but can be hazardous to health because feces generally contain pathogenic bacteria.

This finding also applies to cod and cod from China. The techniques of breeding these fish in Chinese fish farms, are almost the same as the tilapia.

2 - Apple juice
China is a country known for having a heavy hand on pesticides in agriculture. Moreover, Greenpeace said that Chinese tea was contaminated with 29 different pesticides. And excessive use of pesticides is not limited as teas and herbs, but also for fruits and vegetables.

According to the findings of a Swiss laboratory, most fruits and vegetables imported from China contain many insecticides, pesticides and fungicides.

Alarming news, as China exports its fruits and vegetables in different European countries, including France. The country mainly exports a variety of products processed from apples, apple juice in particular.

Recall that the apple is one of the most polluted fruit with pesticides, as underlined in a study conducted by the Pesticide Action Network Association.

3 - Mushrooms
Mushrooms from China invading the US and European markets. Canned or dried, the food that ends up on our plates can, indeed, come from across the world. Moreover, 70% of Paris mushrooms consumed in France are of Chinese origin.

Only, these foods should be avoided because they contain high levels of pesticides. These substances can be toxic and cause many health problems. Some have even been classified as carcinogenic.

4 - Garlic
Garlic you buy near you may possibly come from China. Instead, try to obtain the local garlic, to consume a fresh product that contains less pesticide.

Garlic imported from China is largely contaminated with pesticides and is usually much less cost than that produced locally, because it takes longer to land home.

5 - Chicken
According to the French Confederation of poultry farming (CFA), Europe imports each year between 15 000 and 20 000 tonnes of fresh frozen chicken from China. Amounts that are certainly not very important respect, but should still cause concern, especially the episodes of avian influenza have been very numerous in this country.

It is therefore important to verify the origin of the meat you eat, but it is not always indicated. Best, buy organic chicken raised locally.

6 - Rice
China is considered the precursor of rice in the world. This country is renowned for its many rice fields and is the main rice producer in the world. However, China has put his reputation at stake after the scandal of the plastic rice. Indeed, according to a US website, various Chinese companies producing fake rice manufactured from potato and plastic.

Remember that plastic ingestion, even in very small quantities, can be hazardous to health. Bisphenol (BPA), in particular, is a chemical compound that has been linked to many health problems that may even increase the risk of breast cancer.
The plastic fake rice remains hard even after cooking. Use care products you buy.

7 - The industrial salt
Industrial salt is a product with different uses but is certainly not meant to be consumed. In China, large quantities of industrial salt sold in supermarkets as food salt, were seized.

This product can be harmful to health, since it is not intended to be consumed.