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Top Foods That Make You Look Tired

Top Foods That Make You Look Tired

Top Foods That Make You Look Tired


While it is necessary to salt the food, the amount of high salt tends to dehydrate to dry out the skin, giving a tired air. Opt for an alternative to low sodium and, wherever possible, replace salt with other spices or herbs.


We do not recommend to remove completely but do not consume in excess, because they damage the collagen in the skin. Too glucyde fatigue you also. So replacing a sandwich with a salad twice a week and use a double portion of vegetables.

Fried foods

Donuts, french fries and fried chicken are the worst enemies of your skin. These foods are full of oil and trans fatty acids, which means they clog your arteries and impair blood vessels, giving the skin look dull and tired. Moreover, this type of cooking is very bad for the line because too fat.


Fried and sweet, donuts are in every way a bad idea, especially if you eat them for breakfast. Swap your donut against a plain yogurt decorated with honey and almonds to give your body a healthy start.

The candies

sugar-laden, sweets cause an insulin spike, followed by a rapid fall, which tires the body. Candy also promote the formation of puffy eye bags.

Red meat

We advise you not to become a vegetarian but not eat red meat only once a week because it is associated with increased wrinkles, this because of the carnitine it contains, which hardens the walls of blood vessels.

The processed cold meat

The preservatives in the processed cold meat are known to cause skin inflammation. Results: a sallow and tired. Prefer white meat.