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4 Hairstyle Mistakes That Women Makes And It Must Be Avoided

4 Hairstyle Mistakes That Women Makes And It Must Be Avoided

4 Hairstyle Mistakes

Daily or for special occasions, women attach great importance to their appearance. Skin, body and hair are surrounded by a lot of care and attention. Yet some gestures repeated over and over again may do more harm than good, especially regarding hair. To help you preserve a flawless look, here are some mistakes capillary routine worth avoiding!

For our hair is healthy and easy to tame, they need to be well fed and hydrated. This is why it is important to adopt a healthy and balanced diet that will provide all the nutrients they need, to protect them from harsh weather elements such as the sun's harmful rays and pollution, and finally to choose natural hair products, non-aggressive and suitable to their nature.

To help you styling without damaging them, here are some very common mistakes and hairstyle that must be avoided!

4 Mistakes capillary routine to be avoided:

Sleeping with wet hair

Due to time in the morning or fear of getting sick, many women prefer to wash your hair at night before bed, to leave quietly and not dry the hair the next day. It is true that let her hair dry in the open air is recommended that the use of the hair dryer because the hot air dehydrates the hair and promotes its dryness and split ends. But by putting you to bed with wet hair, you will wake up with electrical and curly hair difficult to style and smooth.

To avoid this, wash your hair at least 1 hour before bedtime to allow the water remaining in your hair time to evaporate.

Smooth large fuses

Apply heat to the hair, be it from the hair dryer or flat iron, is recommended. But despite this, we can not escape the temptation to use them to our smooth flyaways, especially for an important occasion. Some are so large strands of hair and pass several times between the plates of the flat iron to get the desired result. But in doing so, they expose the hair above and below the heat longer, which could burn.

For best results, take small strands that are thinly spread over the iron plates to smooth to allow the heat to spread evenly throughout the drill. Moreover, it is advisable to apply a protective spray or serum that will prevent damage that can cause heat iron to your hair.

A hairstyle non-adapted to the shape of your face

With all these tasks to perform every day, we sometimes do not have time to perform sophisticated hairstyles. So we are content with a ponytail or a bun, simple but effective. However, these hairstyles do not always work in our favor and we sometimes give a schoolgirl air or neglected, we would move us willingly.

We must therefore think of hairstyles pretty easy to make that adapt to the nature of your hair - curly or straight, and the shape of your face.

Choose a cut or hair color just because it is fashionable

Just like hairstyles, cuts and colorations must first adapt and be in harmony with the nature of your hair, your face shape and color of your skin. Women like to change the head and follow the latest trends, but that is not a reason to make radical decisions and opt for a boy cut while you have a round face. You do not have to cling to the length of your hair while they are dull and split, because they will give you a look older than you really are. As for the color of your hair, it should be close to your natural incarnation and enhance your skin tone and eye color.

So at your next haircut, do not ask him to copy a particular star, but simply to choose a hairstyle that will emphasize your pretty face!

Some tips for their hair without damaging your hair:

To untangle the hair without pain or damaging them, we must begin with the points going back to the roots, not the opposite. It is also advisable to slightly raise the wick to the root to avoid pain or hair loss.

For curly or frizzy hair, disentangling is done on wet hair after using a suitable care. Once dry, it is limited to combing fingers or with a tooth comb.

After showering, wring your hair without twisting and continue patting with the towel instead of rubbing. This will avoid knots and electric hair.

Brush your hair regularly with a brush adapted to stimulate blood circulation in your scalp, stimulate regrowth and remove dead hair.