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How To Get Pregnant Easily and Quickly

How To Get Pregnant Easily and Quickly

Get Pregnant Easily and Quickly

Getting pregnant is a wonderful thing. But the conception of a child can come naturally in one and prove more difficult in another. Here are some tips to get pregnant faster and easily.

Before anything else, certain steps must be taken to ensure a healthy life for the fetus and a happy pregnancy for the mother. Here's all you need to know if you plan to get pregnant:

Eat healthy

To get pregnant, it goes without saying that you need a perfectly balanced diet. It's time to take good food resolutions and insert new foods into your daily intakes. Remember that even if you do not like certain products, your baby needs it for its proper development.

It is important to avoid acidic foods because they can prevent fertilization by destroying spermatozoa. Opt for alkaline foods like soy sprouts, peas, goat milk, etc. Here is an exhaustive list of alkaline foods that increase your chances of getting pregnant:

Alkaline Foods

Focus on food supplements

Moms need enough vitamins and minerals for themselves and their fetuses, hence the importance of supplementation. The embryo needs good conditions to hold, especially during the first few months, and you, so as not to suffer from deficiencies. It is imperative to have the advice of a doctor who can administer the supplements you need.

Consult your doctor

Before undertaking this beautiful project, you should consult a doctor who will be able to give you the general assessment of your state of health and the advice that will be useful to you during the first months of pregnancy.

Have regular intercourses

Getting pregnant should be first and foremost a fun part! Some women have the unfortunate habit of making this act more medical than anything else. This would tend to stress their husband and spoil this beautiful time.

Ladies, instead of constantly monitoring the time of ovulation by doing all your calculations unwarranted, take the time to enjoy. Put your calendar and calculator and increase the frequency of your reports instead of waiting for the moment of ovulation, this will bring you closer, will consolidate your links.

Diversify love making positions

Doctors confirm that certain love making positions increase the chances of getting pregnant. The most effective position would be the position of the missionary. But that does not stop you from trying others!

Check your body temperature

Although we advise you to increase the frequency of your intercourse, it is also important to check certain things before each intercourse, especially the temperature of the body that promotes your chances of pregnancy. The higher the body temperature, the greater your chances are.

STOP tobacco, alcohol and drugs

We do not make Omelets without breaking eggs. If you plan to get pregnant without complications, you will have to sacrifice your little personal pleasures.

So if you like to light a cigarette from time to time and have a drink to relax, you will have to refrain. Because cigarettes, alcohol and medicines affect spermatozoa, affect the fetus and can cause a miscarriage if you are already pregnant. Moreover, a Swiss study shows that smoking increases the risks of infertility in women by 60%.

Pay attention to your weight

You have to pay attention to your weight to give the embryo every chance to hold. Overweight women tend to have an unbalanced menstrual cycle. It is also necessary to do exercises regularly to have more chances to get pregnant.