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How To Permanently Eliminate Back And Neck Pain. Get Ride Of Medication!

How To Permanently Eliminate Back And Neck Pain. Get Ride Of Medication!

How Permanently Eliminate Back Neck Pain

Facing the sedentary lifestyle and spent long hours sitting in front of computer screens, many suffer from pain in the back and neck. When they are occasional, these pains can be bearable, but when they are chronic, they become troublesome, making the most basic tasks difficult. Discover in this article how to relieve this type of pain without resorting to drugs.

The pain of back or neck usually occur with age, but nowadays, even the very young can be concerned. Indeed, sedentary occupations are taking over many long days sitting is increasing. Sitting for several hours straight is not advisable as this can affect the overall health and cause back pain. And this effect is found accentuated when the posture is incorrect. Poor posture causes a misalignment of the spine that presses the muscles and nerves.

Other factors may also be the cause of back pain:

Trauma: back pain may occur following a sudden shock, an accident or a violent stretch. This type of injury is very common during physical exertion.

Inflammatory diseases: arthritis and osteoarthritis can also cause back pain.
Mechanical problems: a birth defect or acquired spine, a herniated disc or acute LBP are all problems that can cause pain in the back.

Obesity and overweight: in case of excess weight, the spine undergoes a lot of pressure, which causes pain.

There are a variety of painkillers to relieve back pain, but these are not without side effects. so do not throw you on the first shelf of tablets that you have on hand, once the pain begins. Try instead to know the cause of the pain in order to treat it effectively.

Here are some tips to get ride of back pain and neck naturally:

Take vitamin D

A lack of vitamin D can amplify pain in the back and may even be the cause. A study by researchers at the University of Delaware has corroborated this information, particularly in the elderly.

The study involved 958 people over 65, which was measured the levels of vitamin D. Women who suffered from back pain were those who had low levels of vitamin D, a fact that did not concern them men. The researchers found that back pain among women who participated in this study could be caused by osteomalacia, a disease that usually affects women and is caused by bone demineralization due to a vitamin D deficiency

Play sports

It has been scientifically proven that playing sports helps preserve health and prevent disease. Sport is also very beneficial in cases of back pain, contrary to what many people think. Know that your back pain are not a cons-indication for sports. On the contrary, strengthening back muscles can help maintain the spine. It is obviously important to choose sports that are not violent or sudden movements, not to accentuate the pain.

Opt for walking, cycling, swimming, jogging, stretching, yoga or Pilates and avoid tennis and squash. And work at your own pace!

Strengthen your neck

Do exercises suitable to strengthen cervical which can become brittle and cause pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Place your hands behind your head, making sure to keep the elbows. With your hands, push your head forward while trying to resist this pressure by maintaining the head back. Make 15-20 short keystrokes.

Maintain a healthy weight

As mentioned above, obesity is one of the factors that cause back pain. Try to have a healthy weight to reduce your back pain. Eat right and practice regular physical activity to lose weight.

Manage your stress

According to a study conducted by researchers from Ohio University, US, stress might be involved in causing back pain.

The scientists selected 25 students and analyzed their personality (extrovert or introvert). They then asked them to lift loads of 12 kilos in conditions some supporting and some stressful. Extroverts were dropping while introverts but responded by contracting their muscles in an incorrect way when lifting loads, increasing the pressure on the spine, causing the long low back pain pain.

It is also advisable to do physical therapy, acupuncture (this method of Chinese medicine widely proven in the field), using hot and cold compresses to relieve back pain and neck.