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Look At Your Teeth Whitening With This Home Remedy

Look At Your Teeth Whitening With This Home Remedy

Teeth Whitening

Having a star smile is a widely shared dream! If you want to whiten your teeth quickly and healthily, here is definitely the best tip.

Yellow teeth are unsightly and can impair self-confidence. Generally, they are the result of poor oral hygiene, an unbalanced diet and certain habits such as alcohol or cigarette smoking.

To keep your teeth healthy and in perfect condition, you must first of all:

- Good oral hygiene
- Adopt a healthy diet
- Preventing and curing oral diseases
- Consult your dentist at least twice a year

There are many methods and products for whitening teeth, but these solutions can have side effects and contain toxic products. So choose natural alternatives like baking soda, lemon or coconut oil, among others!
You are offered a natural trick that you can prepare at home to whiten your teeth naturally and healthily. Here's the recipe:


- 1 tablespoon lemon juice
- 1 tablespoon of coconut oil


- In a bowl, carefully mix the lemon juice with the coconut oil until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.
- Then, using a cotton ball or a clean towel, apply the mixture to the teeth and rub gently.
- Then leave for 2 minutes before brushing your teeth.


Do not exceed one application per week because lemon may eventually make your teeth more sensitive and demineralize the enamel because of its acidity.

Benefits of Ingredients:

The lemon

Having a high acid content, lemon prevents the formation of tartar and caries and helps to dissolve plaque. Lemon also has antibacterial and disinfecting properties capable of suppressing the bacteria involved in yellowing of teeth and in caries formation. In addition, this citrus helps to refresh the breath and preserve the gums.

Coconut oil

Like lemon, coconut oil has an antibacterial power that allows the teeth to be cleaned thoroughly and whitened naturally. Recall that oil pulling, an ancestral method derived from Ayurvedic medicine, consists of bathing with coconut oil to cleanse the mouth and gums, get rid of bacteria and whiten teeth.

Tips for good oral hygiene:

- Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes
- Make circular movements from top to bottom
- Brushing your tongue
- Use dental floss to get rid of residues between teeth

As for food, consider promoting the consumption of these foods:
The cheese (goat, ideally) because it contains a protein, casein, which fights against demineralization and calcium and phosphorus. Cheese is a protective food for the teeth because it increases the production of saliva. This is effective against the bacteria responsible for caries.

The consumption of the cheese is important since it reduces the discoloration of the teeth and their erosion while increasing the pH of the mouth.
Chocolate because it contains a compound known as theobromine helping to strengthen the surface of dental enamel.

Strawberries, because they mitigate yellow spots on the teeth through malic acid.