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Make Your Own Detox Drink At Home

Make Your Own Detox Drink At Home

Detox Drink Home

Do you want a refreshing drink to stay hydrated throughout the day and detoxify you? Prepare this easy recipe with multiple benefits.

The water flavored with lemon, mint and cucumber is great because of the properties of its ingredients:

Lemon cleanses the body, boosts the immune system and aids digestion

Mint soothes upset stomach

The cucumber has anti-inflammatory and quenches

Ginger stimulates the immune system and digestion


- 1.5 Litre of water

- 1 cucumber

- 2 to 3 lemons

- 10-12 mint leaves

- 2 cm grated ginger root

Recipe :

Cut lemons and cucumbers into thin slices and put them in a pitcher with water, then add the mint leaves. Let stand at least 4 hours in the refrigerator.