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5 Natural Tips To Get Rid Of Dental Pain Naturally

5 Natural Tips To Get Rid Of Dental Pain Naturally

Natural Tips To Get Rid Of Dental Pain Naturally

Dental pain is among the most feared. They may be of different intensities, but remain difficult to bear. In the majority of cases, it is pain related to caries. To mitigate a dental disorder in a natural way, opt for one of these 5 remedies!

Caries remain the main source of dental pain. They can appear at any age, even in the smallest, but do not develop so rapidly in everyone. Indeed, some people may have more resistant teeth and therefore risk less cavities.

This dental problem is usually caused by the bacteria contained in the dental plaque. These feed on sugars and release acids that attack the tooth, causing a decay.

At the beginning, decay is not necessarily painful, except in contact with cold foods or sugar for example. But when the decay reaches the pulp of the tooth, the pain becomes permanent. If left untreated, it may result in the formation of an abscess.

Dental pain is very difficult to bear. So here are some natural tips to help you relieve toothache. Only, note that these remedies will only have a temporary effect, so it is important to visit a dentist to treat the problem properly.

The garlic
This ingredient is considered a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that helps to treat several health problems. It especially helps to improve blood circulation and relieve infections.
Thus, thanks to its many properties, garlic is an effective remedy to alleviate dental pain.

How to proceed ?
If the pain allows, chew a small clove of garlic or rub it on the affected area. Garlic will act as antibacterial and antibiotic and will prevent the development of bacteria, which can help reduce the pain.

Mouthwash with salt water
Mouthwashing while suffering from an intense toothache is the last thing you might think. And yet, it's very effective!

The mouthwash in salt water, especially, is a best-known grandmother's cure for relieving dental pain. Salt water has a disinfectant power that will help reduce bacteria and alleviate pain.

How to proceed ?
In a glass of warm water, dilute a teaspoon of sea salt or Himalayan and rinse your mouth with it for a few seconds.
It is also possible to make a mouthwash with sodium bicarbonate. This ingredient has antiseptic properties useful for calming pain. Pour ½ teaspoon into a glass of water and rinse your mouth with.

Clove is undoubtedly the oldest and best known remedy to reduce dental pain. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, and acts as a powerful local anesthetic, which is very effective in case of dental pain. The clove owes its properties to its active ingredient, eugenol, which has an antifungal and antiseptic effect.

How to proceed ?
You can use essential oil of clove, or failing a whole clove.
  • Pour a few drops of essential oil of clove on a cotton pad and rub directly against the painful tooth. This can sting at first contact, but its results are very effective.
  • Prepare a mouthwash by boiling a body of water with a few cloves. Once the mixture has cooled, rinse your mouth with.
Queen of Indian spices, turmeric is a concentrate of benefits. Antibacterial and antioxidant, its effectiveness to treat and prevent different diseases is no longer to prove.

Thanks to the curcumin it contains, turmeric can prevent cancer and Alzheimer's, lower blood cholesterol and reduce blood sugar. But not only: turmeric also helps to relieve dental pain, since it is a powerful painkiller and antiseptic.

How to proceed ?
Mix a little water and turmeric, to form a paste, then apply it on the painful area. Put a little cotton on it to compress it.

The mixture of salt and pepper
These two ingredients possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and antibacterial properties and can therefore be very useful for relieving a toothache.

How to proceed ?
Mix salt (preferably coarse salt) and pepper in equal amounts and add a little water. Apply the mixture to the painful tooth and let it work for a few minutes.