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This Nurse Reveals 5 Biggest Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed. Upsetting

This Nurse Reveals 5 Biggest Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed. Upsetting

This Nurse Reveals 5 Biggest Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed. Upsetting

The following testimony is that of a nurse who worked many years in palliative care units in the hospital. Accompanying persons convicted during the past 3-12 weeks of life, she has had to raise their confidence. Many expressed their regrets about the things they would have liked to do differently in their lives. She exhibited by those who came most frequently. Beautiful life lessons learned.

1 - "I wish I had the courage to live my life the way I wanted, not like the others wanted"

This is the most common regret of people in later life. Looking back, they realize they have not achieved most of their dreams. And this because they chose to do what was expected of them instead of following their desires. Moral: we must take advantage of his freedom while we are healthy and realize their dreams even the craziest.

2 - "I regret having worked so hard"

This is the regret of all the men I accompanied. They were usually referred to their children, they had not seen him grow, and their companion, they had abandoned. Women also expressed regret that, but not about their children. In fact, being older, most of them were housewives. They therefore wanted instead of having neglected their social life. The lesson of this is that we must find a balance between work and family / social life.

3 - "I should have had the courage to express my feelings"

Many people stifle their feelings of fear. Consequently, they feel for not having accomplished as much as they could. They then suffer from stress and anxiety, which promotes the development of ulcers or insomnia, and depressed. So that in saying what we think, we have healthier relationships and spreads those related harm us.

4 - "I would have liked to keep in touch with some friends"

Over the years, the majority of people lose touch with their friends who nevertheless are expensive. However, in later life, when they are left more than memories, patients want it not to have found the time or the place for friendships that deserve it.

5 - "I should have had the courage to be happy"

Most people feel trapped in their life and let themselves be carried by events in the belief that they are happy. At the end of their lives, they realize that other choices were possible, and they would have made them truly happy. They have several times been tempted to send everything around and to live according to their heart, but they never had the courage to do so. At the end of their lives, when the inventory is a bitter regret.

In our days, it totally does not care what others think of us as it concerned us all our lives. So we can analyze our choices and what were our priorities with foresight.

What we teach the testimonies of these people at end of life is that we can make the choice of happiness when there is still time to avoid such regrets, in giving the most happiness, the love and friendship.