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6 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

6 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

When we feel life is hard and shows that we have the impression that the world is bent against us, we generally seek refuge from those dearest to our hearts. Parents, spouses, friends or others they give us back hope and advise us to find a solution to this impasse. Moreover, even if one of those loved ones left this world, he always watch over us and guide us. Discover the 6 signs that your guardian angel trying to get in touch with you.

Has it ever happened you to feel positive waves that penetrate you and you give hope, so that you are completely depressed and hopeless? Some people are unaware of the origin, but other more spiritual, know that it is their guardian angel who visited them.

6 signs that your guardian angel wants to contact you:

A change in ambient temperature

If you experience a sudden change in the temperature of the room where you are, this may be due to the visit of your guardian angel. Some people experience a strange but pleasant thrill, which looks nothing like that of fear or cold, while others feel enveloped in a reassuring warmth which can be accompanied by a light touch on the back or shoulder.

Pleasing and soothing smells

Smells are also an indicator of the presence of a guardian angel with you. You can feel a sweet and pleasant smell coming from nowhere, and that wafts throughout the space where you are, as you can smell a familiar scent that reminds you that of someone you cherish.

Familiar voices

Several people have already been entitled to this supernatural phenomenon: hearing voices, or feel like hearing their name when they are absolutely alone. Some of them get scared and think they become paranoid, while others let themselves be overwhelmed by this unexpected and reassuring presence of their guardian angel, and even try to talk to him and tell him what's going on with them .

Soft light

When a person is depressed or hopeless, she tends to prefer dark places that accord with his state of mind at the time. That is why the appearance of an angel is usually a source of soft white light which symbolizes hope and the end of worries. But sometimes the appearance of a slight color cast may also indicate the presence of your guardian angel, because angels usually choose soft colors of the visible spectrum the human eye.

Feathers fluttering near you

The pen is one of the most common signs of the passage of an angel. It's a way for him to let you know it is there for you, he sees you and he supports you. So you can find on your bed, your office, or even on the glass of your car. If this is the case, smile! Your guardian angel protect you and monitors.

Dreams where you see your guardian angel

At night, our body is at rest but not the brain. Sometimes it's that moment that chooses your guardian angel to come forward and let you know it is there for you. So you can see in your dreams and even talk to him. Moreover, it can guide you in your choice or you indicate the path to follow to get out of your current problems.

Have a guardian angel is a privilege that is not given to everyone. So enjoy his presence with you, whenever it occurs, and keep in mind that you will always have someone watch over you and protect you from where he is!