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5 Things To Do With Your Hair Conditioner

5 Things To Do With Your Hair Conditioner

5 Things To Do With Your Hair Conditioner

Indispensable for many girls, the conditioner is, as its name suggests, a perfect complement to the shampoo. Used to moisturize dry hair or to bring flexibility and shine, this product can also be used for other uses. Discover in this article 5 different uses of conditioner every woman should know.

The conditioner is a popular product for its detangling and softening effect to the hair. Indeed, it has the ability to moisturize, although superficially, and make them more flexible. But the use of this product is not limited only to hair care. The conditioner has other uses that can be very practical every day!

Open a stuck zipper?

We've all already happened to end up with a stuck zipper? when we are squeezed out, or using the toilet. Not very nice ! Thus began the many futile attempts to open, pushing us to pull it aggressively, but nothing works. This may even worsen the case or worse, break the zipper.

If you are ever in this situation, no need to despair! Take a cotton swab that you will imbibe conditioner and apply it on the zipper. This product will lubricate, which will facilitate the opening and prevent potential blockages.

Soften cuticles

A manicure can be complete without taking care of her cuticles. This localized outer layer to the nail base plays a major role in protecting bacteria that can get inside. Maintain its cuticle is important to have healthy nails, but also to beautify. Only, many women can not resist the temptation to cut them, especially when they are dry. Error ! Cuticles should be pushed with a wooden stick, not cut. This helps not only that it pushes itself but also gives a more finished look to manicures and facilitates false nails, varnish.

But before pushing the cuticles, it is important to soften. There are several softeners used for this purpose, but why invest in more cream while your conditioner may do the trick?

Apply a little conditioner on your cuticles and leave on for 15 minutes. Then, push back cuticles with a wooden stick. This product will have the same effect as the cuticle creams.

Soften clothes

You want to wash your clothes, but you do not have fabric softener? Your conditioner may well do the trick. Indeed, the conditioner is a very sweet product, which do not victim of aggression because your machine is intended for use on the hair. Unlike shampoo, this product does not foam but has a soothing power.

Pour a little conditioner in the compartment softener and wash your laundry. Your clothes will be as sweet as usual and have a fresh smell.

Detangle your hair

The disentangling step before moving hair in the shower can be quite a hassle. It pulls and it hurts, but it must be done. Try this tip to the conditioner. Fill a spray bottle of water to which you add a little after shampoo and spray throughout your hair with this mixture.

Wait a few minutes before untangle with your fingers at first, then use a comb. You can then wash easily without knotting.

Tip to detangle hair without damaging them:

When your hair is wet, use a large tooth comb, but if they are dry, use a brush boar bristle.

To shave

Who said that shaving creams were essential? Although they greatly facilitate the shaving operation, but can easily be replaced by other products, such as hair conditioner. When you shave, use a nut product on your legs then spread it.
The conditioner will have exactly the same effect as shaving cream and bring softness to your skin.