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12 Things You Should Not To Be Ashamed

12 Things You Should Not To Be Ashamed

Things Should Not Be Ashamed

In our modern society, very focused on the critical, the way others lead their lives is often compared to the "norm". It gets to the point that people feel shame over what they are or even who. The important thing is that you feel good about yourself and that you are happy. Enjoy at your leisure without thinking about what others think.

1. Take time for yourself

Lost in the daily frenzy of your life, you will surely come to put the needs and happiness of others before your own. But it is vital that you take the time to pamper yourself, shopping, reading your favorite novel, enjoy a massage or a city trip in an unfamiliar city.

2. Express your emotions

You feel sad, happy or angry? Whatever your feelings, do not be ashamed to express it.
People who regularly reveal their emotions during cognitive therapies to better know how to manage them. They are less likely and better mood.

3. Choose who you want to spend time

The people you love are not only members of your family. Friends and lovers (is) are also included. Only you can choose to keep in your life and with whom to spend your time.

According to the law of averages Jim Rohn, it is likely that the people you love most are the five with whom you spend most of your time. If this theory is correct, would it not be wiser to choose these people to become better yourself?

4. Assume your livelihood

In a society obsessed with your job and your salary, a career can be difficult. We are so criticized our education or career choices, it is easy to feel discouraged. But always remember that this choice is not supposed to please than you, and if you're comfortable in your field, no criticism affect you.

5. Forgive others

Be resentful is not good for your health or your relationships. Resentment keeps you in the past instead of help you move forward and causes many troubles. Never be ashamed to forgive because forgiveness is essential to move forward in life. Forgiveness is an act before you do everything for you and frees you from the chains of hatred.

6. Be optimistic

Optimism is the foundation of a healthy mind and therefore good health. It prolongs your life, reduces stress and improves your ability to adapt. So when times are tough, keep calm and keep hoping.

7. Adopt positive thoughts

Life is full of ups and downs, but this is not a reason to be daunted. It is impossible to predict when a bad day arrives but keep a positive attitude will shape your mind and make you more resistant to the vagaries of life.

8. Be honest with yourself

One of the biggest regrets of many people in later life is not being honest with themselves. Never accept that others decide for you, take charge of your life, make mistakes and draw your own lessons.

9. Your past should stay behind

Adventures, good or bad, are the ultimate source of maturity and experience. Do not be haunted by your past, learn from your mistakes and so that in future you make better decisions.

10. Your true nature

In his biography hilarious, Bossypants, Tina Fey actress spreads the list of criteria of beauty that society imposes on women: blue eyes, full lips, small feet, firm arms, etc. Men, like women, are held in a number of physical criteria they shame if they do not fulfill them. Stop comparing yourself to celebrities or track down any extra kilo, be gentle with yourself and accept your body as it is. The secret of happiness is to love for what we are.

11. Your eating habits

Between vegetarians and those who swear by the meat, food can be a really sensitive issue for people. What is your diet, do not leave you neither influence nor discouraged by the choices of others. Meet the needs of your body, however, paying attention to what you eat to avoid excesses or deficiencies.

12. Do your best

Believe in you without you put pressure. Surround yourself with people who encourage and support you in any occasion.

Follow this chart and you know that freedom and happiness!