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8 Tips To Build Muscle While Burning Fat

8 Tips To Build Muscle While Burning Fat

Build Muscle While Burning Fat

1. Run while hungry

To burn fat, start your day with 20 minutes of cardio. Only after that you can enjoy a rich breakfast protein: an egg on toast is a good option.

2. Climb the slopes

If you run on a treadmill, it should be declined at least 3% up. If you run outside, find a course, which has the same inclination. Researchers from the University of Laval, Quebec, have discovered that runners who take a path sloping see their muscles grow more fat and melt faster.

3. Work one leg at a time

This technique is more effective to build muscle. Work one leg at 3 to 5 sets, then go to the next leg, and so on.

4. Pedal in semolina

Increase the resistance of your bike until you feel pedal in thick mud.

5. Reduce your break time

Reduce your break time between two sessions of weight in 60 seconds. This will enhance your lung capacity and boosts your growth hormones.

6. Feed your body to the night

After exercise, your body craves for carbohydrates. But absorbed in that moment, they reduce muscle mass, ruining your efforts. We recommend low-fat cottage cheese with pineapple chunks, which will calm your hunger for only 200 calories.

7. Run in reverse

This is the best way to burn fat and reveal the muscles that lie beneath this unsightly layer.