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Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

10 Anti-Aging Foods

1. Sweet potato to keep skin firm

A sip of carotene, vitamin C and B6, fiber and antioxidants, it will give you a glowing skin. Sweet potato also contains copper which allows the production of collagen. Avoid them frires, prefer them in the oven to remove all the profits.

2. The red fruit preserve skin and brain cells.

Anthocyanin, which gives them nice color red fruit also protects the skin from UV. Further clinical research has shown that a diet rich in strawberries and blueberries slowed the aging of brain cells.

3. Beans reduce inflammation and protect the skin

Packed with protein, fiber, and vitamin B they have an impact on the whole body and organs. There are several kinds, so you will be spoiled for choice.

4. The Oatmeal improves the skin and aids digestion

B vitamins they contain a strengthening effect on hair and nails. The fibers, in turn, facilitates intestinal transit.

5. Milk slows the aging process.

For our body produces vitamin D, which slow the aging of cells, you must expose at least 10 minutes in the sun. However, when this is not possible milk or vegetable milk are fortified with vitamin D as effective.

6. Curry long been used in India for its curative powers

Curry component of turmeric prevents liver, breast and colon and hemorrhoids. Recent research by UCLA added Alzheimer's disease to that list

7. Sardines and anchovies slow brain deterioration

Omega 3 contained in these fish are known to improve memory. Preferably choose the anchovies of the Adriatic Sea and the Pacific sardines.

8. Cocoa protects against cardiovascular disease

A study of an Indian population of South America showed that it was rarely exposed to cardiovascular problems despite their weight and high salt consumption. Be sure to eat regularly in the form of dark chocolate, the content must be at least 75% cocoa. If you find it too bitter, accompany the fresh fruit.

9. Olive oil and nuts preserve the heart

A Harvard University study of 7500 individuals over 5 years showed that those of them who consumed the most olive oil and nuts were less prone to stroke and heart attack than those who practiced a fat diet. Do it anyway attention to portions! Thus, a tablespoon of oil, a handful of nuts, a two tablespoon (s) butter coffee a day are more than sufficient.

10. Spinach, to protect the whole body

They contain iron, good for energy and muscle building. Vitamin K plays on bone density and protects osteoporosis and fractures, zeaxanthin and lutein, which absorb the overflow of light responsible for cataracts and degeneration of the eyes. Sauté 2 minutes maximum with a knob of butter.

These foods along with a healthy lifestyle (regular sleep, exercise and stress reduction) are a real fountain youth.