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What Your Birth Month Reveal About You ?

What Your Birth Month Reveal About You ?

Birth Month Reveal About You

You probably know that your astrological sign says a lot about your personality and character traits, but did you know that the month in which you were born also revealed important elements on your behavior in general, your feelings and how you see the other? These information are rooted in astrological studies based on the alignment of the stars during the month you created.

These people have a strong work ethic and are quick to defend their opinions. They are stubborn and can not stand to receive orders. People born in January are good leaders because they are persistent and want to succeed. They have a natural tendency to teach others and love to learn new things.

They are creative and like to work on new projects. They appreciate intellectual discussions and do not like to discuss superficial subjects. They are free and do not like to submit to rigid rules of society. They love to travel and do not miss an opportunity to do so. They are loyal, honest, adventurers and dreamers.

They are full of creativity but tend to be introverted and quiet. They head disciplines where they can express themselves and enjoy their solitude. They are nice and helpful but very hard to define. They want to live in a peaceful and serene environment away from the crowds and noise.

They love being the center of attention and can not stand taking orders. They prefer to do things their way and direct all. They are constantly on the lookout for new adventures and thrills. They act without thinking and living day to day. They talk loudly and often seem odious but they are honest and direct with others.

They are fickle and indecisive. They speak well and love to meet new people. They have an active social life and do not like being alone. They appreciate the interesting and stimulating conversations but easily feel boredom.

They are very sensitive and highly concern for others. They need serenity and calm. The natives of this month need pins. These are people determined which is admired by others. They are creative and visionary. They feel many things but do not necessarily express.

They are very similar to those born in June, but more spontaneous and extroverted. They are thirsty for adventure and fun. They seem confident and happy but they are actually the weight of heavy secrets and know well hide their pain. They are full of energy, which greatly pleases those around them.

They are born leaders who are not afraid to defend their opinions. They can show authoritarian and stubborn but they have still a heart of gold. They think so much that they find themselves stuck in their rigid and methodical approach to life if they are not careful enough. They generally have successful careers in the fields where criticism and analysis are masters because they are logical and Cartesian. They do not express their emotions appropriately, are clumsy.

They expect a lot of others, and therefore are easily disappointed. They are organized and even manic. They are perfectionists whose expectations are immeasurable. They are generous, sensual, creative, friendly and helpful.

People born in October are optimistic and have a great need for balance and stability in everything they undertake. They do not like conflict, and always try to avoid. They have an active social life and passionately love their relatives. They are charming and talkative but they love to be surrounded by people, they are extremely independent.

The November natives are very secret and often hide their feelings to others. They do not like taking orders and making their own way in life. They are fearless and head forward darken in all circumstances. They let themselves be stopped by anything and are very passionate.

Those born in December are generous and adventurous. However, their pride often hinders their relationship and they outweigh quickly. They love moving and do not support the routine. They are passionate and fun, spontaneity and compensates them a bit stuck side.