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What Do Men Think If You Sleep With Them On the First Date

What Do Men Think If You Sleep With Them On the First Date

Men Sleep first Date

The first gallant date is usually the one that determines whether the attraction felt by the two people concerned, one towards the other, will lead to a romantic relationship or not. That is why both will do their best to leave a good impression in the other and encourage them to get involved. Moreover, sometimes the current goes so well that the two parts succumb to the pleasure tension that draws them in the arms of each other. But once this step is taken, women begin to wonder what men think of their behavior!

According to the annual survey of singles by the Chicago Sun-Times, 55% of couples have love making at their first appointment, which is not a negligible percentage! It is true that the advice most given to a woman who has just known someone is to make him languish in order to seduce him, but is it really necessary? Does not she have the right to amuse herself too? In reality, yes! But what really stops her is the fear of passing for an easy girl! To clarify this, we decided to find answers to this question. Above all, do not forget that a man's opinion about it, says more about him than about you!

What does a man think of a woman who agrees to have a relationship with him at the first appointment?

A real goddess!

When two people make love at the very beginning of their "relationship", when they have not taken the time to get to know one another and become emotionally attached, their appreciation of one another is limited to pleasure performance. Men as well as women are capable of having love making adventures, and when that is the case, it is the quality of the frolics that counts most. It may be that he is thinking about how you managed to lead him to Wonderland!

Am I just an adventure for her?

Unlike popular beliefs, a man also has his small weaknesses and risks believing that it is for you a plan B or a way to forget a wound in love! It is true that some men have no problem taking part in an overnight adventure, as long as they also enjoy it, but there are others who do not prefer. So, before you take the plunge, consider evaluating the person in front of you and know his position.

Would she be the woman of my life?

Some members of the male gender give a lot of importance to the intimate relationship, so much so that they consider that its success is the basis of any romantic relationship. If you are facing someone who has this vision, take time to think about what you really want before you find yourself in bed. Because once you have done it, it could be particularly sticky and would at all costs convince you that you are made for each other.

Would she like to have breakfast with me?

After a hot night, the men usually wake up with a (small) hollow! Wanting to share with you his morning meal is always considered a positive sign that shows that he does not want to get rid of you as soon as the pleasure euphoria is dissipated. So, if you want to give yourself a little chance, there would be no harm in accepting his request to sit down to table!

Never again!

According to the same survey quoted at the beginning of our article, only 33% of men have a negative opinion of women who agree to have love making at the first appointment. What about these men? Brutes? Egoists? Exceeded? In any case, they do not deserve to be given importance! To forget !

Whether you decide to make love from the first appointment, or not, is a decision that is up to you! The bottom line is that you are in a position to take responsibility for your choice.