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7 Steps That Helped This Woman Lose 225 Pounds At Age 63

7 Steps That Helped This Woman Lose 225 Pounds At Age 63


Losing weight by being young is already quite difficult, so how about this woman who, at the age of 63 years, managed to lose 102 pounds? Here is his secret.

Diane Naylor is a 63-year-old American. Loving nature, she decided to change her life and move to a village in California to enjoy the nature and activities she offers. The only hitch in history: it weighed more than 181 kilos, which, naturally, spoiled her life.

Deciding to resume her life, she followed a diet, accompanied by a personal program consisting of 7 steps, which allowed her to lose weight without getting frustrated. Here are her 7 secrets to losing weight effectively.

You suspect that Diane had already tried several regimes in vain, for lack of motivation and psychological support. Because yes, everything is in the head! It all started when Diane saw the show "Castle" which motivated her to lose weight, but this time being determined to reach the end of the program.

The 7 Secrets of Weight Loss:

Here are the 7 steps that Diane has followed to lose weight effectively.

You can start at any age

Your age should not be a brake on your motivation. Diane started at the age of 59 and it took him only 2 years to lose 102 kilos ... What to motivate you to block! It is true that the more we advance in age, the harder it becomes to lose weight, but this is not a reason to do nothing. Start today and do not wait until tomorrow because the longer you go, the more motivation you lose.

Pushing its limits

The goal is not to exercise to exhaust itself, but to push its limits. At the beginning of her loss, Diane began by walking along her aisle, nothing grandiose, but with time, her abilities evolved and her motives with, because she had already lost 9 pounds. By using a diet and varying its sports activities (bike rides, hiking ...), pushing back every time its limits, she did not fall into the annoying routine and was lost more weight with time.

Good psychological support

Nothing is effective if you do not have good psychological support. Having lost 22 pounds, Diane decided to join a psychological support group which consists in allowing people in difficulty to lose weight while helping each other. She attended weekly meetings, received calls, emails and messages of encouragement, and sent them to others as well. Diane said that these meetings allowed her not to lose heart and not to lose courage. It is important to surround yourself with positive people, especially if they go through the same path as you.

Re-learn to eat

The diet helps to lose weight. But diet does not necessarily rhyme with frustration. It is important to taste new foods, to accustom your palate to new flavors. You have to eat everything, there is always a way to cook food even the most caloric. Do not deprive yourself of anything, just be careful not to fall into excess. Reconcile yourself with the right diet.

Do not follow a strict diet

After a diet, you tend to regain weight. This is normal, because throughout their diet people suffer privations. It is precisely these privations which cause that once the diet is finished, they automatically start to regain bad eating habits. The end of the diet must give way to a healthier lifestyle and a more correct diet: more fruits and vegetables, less fat and less sugar.

Do not slack off

As they say, the path of healing is always very long. Losing weight is also a kind of healing since one heals both physically and mentally. You always have to motivate yourself and cling to something you love so you do not relax. It is very difficult to keep motivation, especially at the beginning, but with time and with weight loss, it becomes easier.

Preparing balanced meals

To succeed in losing weight, it is advisable to have balanced and varied meals. The latter avoid nibbling and calm the cravings for sugar. It is also necessary to think of reducing the quantities while allowing a few small pleasures from time to time.