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Beat Hair Loss, Dandruff, Grey Hair And Make Your Hair Grow

Beat Hair Loss, Dandruff, Grey Hair And Make Your Hair Grow

 Make Your Hair Grow

Apply this oil on your hair to eliminate dandruff and hair loss and improve the growth of healthy hair

To treat hair problems and stimulate the growth of their hair, many women throw themselves on the different masks and treatments available on the market, or make regular use of the services of their hairdresser, which makes their wallet suffer! In addition, the content of hair products in chemicals is dangerous. To avoid all this and have better results in a natural and economical way, there is no better than coconut oil! Discover how this miraculous oil works on your hair.

Why coconut oil?

The answer is simple: it is the largest natural source of medium chain triglycerides, including 50% lauric acid. The latter is a fatty acid which possesses powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties which make it possible to eliminate the various pathogens. In addition, lauric acid has a particular affinity with capillary proteins, which allows it to deeply penetrate the hair fiber to promote the cohesion of keratin chains, nourish and moisturize the hair. This not to mention that coconut oil envelops the hair of a protective film to cope with various climatic aggressions and UV rays.

So here's how to use coconut oil to treat your hair problems!

1 - Coconut oil for dandruff

Thanks to its powerful moisturizing and cleansing properties, coconut oil is an excellent anti-dandruff remedy. Indeed, it regulates the secretion of sebum, the excess of which is considered one of the main causes of the appearance of dandruff. In addition, it helps to counter infections and irritations of the scalp, while quickly and effectively soothing the itching and redness that they can cause. You just have to massage your scalp and let it act all night. The next morning, wash your hair with warm water and an organic herbal shampoo, as the usual shampoos are full of chemicals that can worsen the condition of your hair.

2 - Coconut oil as styling product
With its creamy texture and soft exotic fragrance, coconut oil can perfectly replace your gel or styling mousse. You can use it both on dry and wet hair to give them shine and a better hold, while protecting them from the solar rays.

3 - Coconut oil to treat and moisturize the hair

If you have dry, brittle or damaged hair, coconut oil will be your ally. Very rich in fatty acids, it nourishes your hair deeply, strengthens and hydrates them, making them stronger, more supple and brighter. Apply 2 tablespoons to your scalp and to your lengths, making circular movements to facilitate its penetration. Let it work all night, then the next day, wash your hair with warm water and a natural shampoo.

4 - Coconut oil to prevent split ends

Forked spikes are a problem affecting the majority of women with medium-long hair. As the hair grows, the tips get less nutrients and moisture, causing them to dry out. To treat them and avoid their reappearance, it is important to cut 1 to 2 cm every three months, and to massage them regularly with coconut oil. The results will surprise you.

5 - Coconut oil to stimulate hair growth

Thanks to its deep penetration capacity as well as its richness in medium chain triglycerides, coconut oil is extremely beneficial for hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles and cleanses the scalp, which is reflected in the growth rate and the quality of the hair. In addition, by applying a slight massage during application, the microcirculation at the level of the scalp is stimulated, which further promotes the growth of the hair. Apply 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to the whole of your scalp with gentle pressures for 10 minutes, then let it act as much as possible, from a few hours to one night. Repeat the same procedure 2 to 3 times a week.

Note: some women notice that coconut oil dries their hair and hardens them. In this case, it is the sign that your hair is rich enough in protein, so think of using it diluted with another vegetable oil such as olive oil or sweet almond.