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Being Vegan In Chicago : The City Guide

Being Vegan In Chicago : The City Guide

Being vegan in Chicago

The vegan life style

They grow, they eat, they drink, they weave themselves, they are carried ... Vegetables, fruits, plants, seaweeds, cereals, these products of the land that many chose to consume rather than meat , Fish or crustaceans. A lot ? More than you think: the vegan are among us. They have a great life in Chicago. 

The Vegan Style

 Vegetarian, Vegan, Fruitarian ... Hein !?

 - Vegetarianism: No animal products

It is known, the vegetarian is the one who consumes only vegetables, but also some products derived from animals, such as eggs, milk and honey. The vegetarian does not consume meat or fish, nor by-product, such as caviar (it saves money), ....

Do not mix up

A vegetarian and a rabbit: a vegetarian feeds on vegetables, of course, but these plants are not only composed of plants. There are also algae, mushrooms, seeds, yeasts, roots ... a real feast.

- Lacto-ovo vegetarianism

Unlike the vegetarian, the vegetarian lacto-ovo accepts in its diet only eggs and milk in addition to the vegetables (the sweet teeth are delighted, the cakes are allowed).

The lacto-ovo vegetarian is subdivided, and also distinguishes lacto-vegetarian (vegetable + milk) and ovo-vegetarian (vegetables + eggs). Not too lost?

- Vegetalism: no animal or animal products

The vegan consumes only vegetables and does not touch or look at any animal product or by-product of the animal kingdom (blasphemy!). Exit eggs, milk, honey, cheeses, seafood - it does not leave much on the plate do you think. Think again !

- The Vegan: a vegan who does not tolerate any form of animal suffering even indirect

The most advanced form of veganism, veganism or the "vegan" spirit no longer consumes any product that results from animal suffering: no leather belt, no woolen dress, no candles with beeswax , No makeup tested on animals ... Animals are our friends.

Eating and Drinking Vegan

Make your Foods at home

-Food Smart 

Undoubtedly one of the oldest department stores in Logan Square, Food Smart has a nice selection of vegan, organic, local, gluten-free ... In short, everything you need to feel like an ear of corn in a field Without GMOs. OMG!

- Good Foods Vegan / Vegetarian Deli

Everything is in the title ; This deli (a grocery store that also serves as a restaurant), offers vegan and vegetarian dishes, desserts and drinks, to be tasted on the spot or taken away.

- Green Grocer Chicago

A small neighborhood shop that has everything to make a vegan happy; Local products, organic products and good products, presented by an adorable staff.

1402 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

- Whole Foods Market

Present throughout the United States, Whole Foods remains a benchmark; This chain of stores is notably recognized for offering organic products, but also vegan and gluten free.

- Traders Joe's

Also present in several states, Trader Joe's offers vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or fat-free products. From "fake" chicken beef to beef, vegan mozzarella ... and hop, you can also eat a burger.

For those who prefer to shop from home: VeganEssentials.com

Some vegan restaurants

- Native Foods Café

Born in 94 California, Native Foods Café is now the first "fast-vegan" restaurant, with refined cuisine and always fresh. You can taste dishes from around the world, burgers, chili, wraps, Moroccan salads ...

- Karyn's

Founded in 1983 by "Healthy Experts" and healthy food Karyn Calabrese, Karyn's is committed to transforming the vegan into attractive, while glorifying the power of nature and its wonders. It now has 4 restaurants and 1 spa, successful combo of a day ....

- Kitchen 17

Located within walking distance of Belmont Harbor, Kitchen 17 serves mostly everything

Vegan thought never to be able to taste: pizzas and burgers, absolutely delicious and which have nothing to envy to the "real" ones.

- Urban Vegan

In Lincoln Park and Lake View, Urban Vegan offers vegan Thai cuisine with no meat, with delicious Asian flavors. You do not live in the corner? Urban Vegan book.

Buy Vegan

- Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Being vegan means being greedy, but also coquettish. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has launched a range of wholly vegan beauty products, ie none of them are tested on animals, and none use animal product.

- Lush Cosmetics

Lush remains a well-known brand for its natural and vegan beauty products and care. For 30 years, this British brand has been fighting against the tests of its products on animals, and boycotts all the companies that practice them. Chat is good!

You want to know everything to be beautiful in the natural (and beautiful and natural), go to the blog 

Wear Vegan

- Love of the Earth

This store offers vegan shoes and accessories, so no trace of leather, fur and other animal components. Tights, ballerinas, boots, sandals, belts, heels, socks ... It will make the feet to those who think that the vegan do not have the right to the style!

- MooShoes

In spite of the name, these shoes contain no elements coming from an animal that moves; MooShoes offers shoes, bags, wallets, belts, t-shirts and sweatshirts, jackets and accessories made of synthetic polyurethane microfibre.

- Vaute Couture

Fashion portrait pretty woman and pineapple in sunglasses over yellow background

This independent fashion house, created by an old model, offers only vegan creations, including recycled and recyclable fibers. Vote vegan with Vaute Couture.

The Vegan spirit

Being a vegan is therefore more than just a diet; It is a whole state of mind, by which the followers clearly and simply declare their refusal to use some product derived from animals.

The American Vegan Society posts interesting information on vegan life: AmericanVegan.org.

There is also the VegSource website, a real media that deals with both health and fashion topics, communicates on vegan conferences and events. Want some crunchy info about vegan celebrities? It's also on VegSource.

Some useful links in order to sympathize with other vegan:

- Meetup.com with vegetarians and vegan in your neighborhood.
- And meetings for the gourmands.

And even sympathize, or even more if affinities, with followers of veganism:

- VeggieDate, a dating website for vegan singles:

To be vegan while staying fantastic, visit Chic Vegan, a blog that provides advice on all subjects, and also lists many vegan websites. Once vegan, forever vegan.