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How a Doctor Reversed Her Husband's Alzheimer's Disease With A Natural Treatment f

How a Doctor Reversed Her Husband's Alzheimer's Disease With A Natural Treatment f

How a Doctor Reversed Her Husband's Alzheimer's Disease

This lady chose a natural treatment to fight against Alzheimer's disease. What if nature could treat even the most serious diseases? The results are in any case surprising.

Steve and Mary Newport have been married for decades. Only, Steve fell sick of Alzheimer at 51 years. Mary being a doctor in a unit of care of an American hospital, she decided to follow the stages of the disease under the microscope and take matters in hand to try to treat her husband's illness. Here's what she did.

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive neurodegeneration of the brain. It causes a gradual loss of memory and of all cerebral functions. His symptoms are multiple, the main one being the inability to recognize the faces, everyday objects, to remember memories and everyday gestures. This disease affects more than 900,000 people in France and the global figure would reach 47.5 million patients according to WHO statistics.
His diagnosis follows a neuropsychological test and an examination of the temporal lobe and the hippocampus, the two parts of the brain affected by the disease and which are the most important.

Risk factors

There are many risk factors: the disease may be related to age, heredity, depression, smoking, hypertension, certain medications, etc.

Preventive treatments

To prevent this disease, it is important to:

Do daily cognitive exercises to train the brain and make it stronger.
Do physical exercises to reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke.
Have a balanced diet: low in cholesterol, animal protein, fat, salt and sugar, and rich in vitamin C and E, especially omega-3.

The consumption of tea and coffee has a protective and repairing effect on damaged cells.

Natural treatment, really effective?

Today's medicine does not advocate any curative treatment of this disease. But there are many solutions that have the effect of limiting its development and spread.

Dr. Mary Newport has set her sights on coconut oil. She explains that in Alzheimer's patients, brain cells can not use the body's insulin to absorb the glucose that is their main fuel, which causes them to die and causes cerebral degeneration.

So to counter this phenomenon, the body begins to tap into its fat stores to produce fatty acids, themselves transformed into ketones. These are the alternative fuel for brain cells. Coconut oil has the particularity of containing these fatty acids which are transformed into ketones to penetrate and irrigate the brain. This avoids dysfunction and degeneration of brain cells.

Dr. Newport began giving the coconut oil treatment to her husband at the rate of 2 tablespoons twice a day. She noticed after 60 days of treatment that her husband became more lively and talkative. Despite some difficulties, Steve has retained the ability to speak, to recognize his loved ones, to remember some recent things, and so on.

What about 14 years after?

Dr. Mary Newport believed that this solution allowed the disease to stabilize (not cure) and symptoms gradually subside. After many years of research, she concluded that more than 90% of the patients were better and felt a marked improvement in their condition following this treatment.

Obviously, coconut oil has a new medicinal virtue on its charts!