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DUI, Alcohol and Driving In The United States

DUI, Alcohol and Driving In The United States

DUI, Alcohol and Driving

BAC (Blood alcohol contentLegal Consequences of Drinking and Driving

In the United States, about 30 people die every day from the consequences of a drunk driver, drunk driving causes about 300,000 road incidents every day, and all this costs about 132 million every year to the powers The public. Before drinking and driving, here's some info on the DUI - "Driving Under the Influence", read this instead.

The Diyouaye aie aie aie

Driver Under the Influence - yes, but what?

The "DUI" (pronounced "di-you-aye") is taken very seriously in the United States: "Driving Under the Influence" means driving under the influence of alcohol and / or under the influence of drugs.

The DUI - or DWI "Driving While Intoxicated" - refers to the offense of drunk driving, and / or under the influence of drugs. The laws vary according to the state - so be careful if you're going to party on the other side of the border - but remain globally similar.

All states in the United States have agreed that the maximum BAC level is 0.08%. The "BAC", "Blood Alcohol Content" refers to the percentage of alcohol in the blood; 0.08% means that a person has 8g of alcohol in 10L of blood.
Note that the BAC in France is 0.05%, and in Canada, it ranges from zero tolerance for new drivers to 0.05%.

The arrest if you are suspeted

To stop you, the police must have reason to believe that you are driving drunk, or under the influence of drugs - zigzags, excessive speed, suspicious behavior ...
In order to justify their decision, the police will ask you to perform some acrobatic exercises: standing on one leg - already you can not do it in yoga - walking on an imaginary straight line or even reciting the alphabet Without singing).
They can also command you to follow an object or flaunt their torch in your eyes to detect a possible "Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus" (which means that your eyes are a little too moving, or have a jerky movement following an object To less than 45 °).DUI Lawyer

Too many glasses you will drink, the taxi is advised

Preventive measures

All the states have enacted laws establishing a system of lock on the vehicles of drivers previously convicted for driving while drunk, who can then use their vehicle only after blowing in a windscreen that unlocks their car. In 19 states, these locks are mandatory, even for offenders who are the first offenders.

Drinking while driving - but only water

Most states have enacted laws known as "Open Container Laws", regarding the presence of open containers in cars of recidivists of bottomless descent.
43 states and Washington D.C. therefore prohibit the driver, the passenger, or both, from having an open container that would contain alcohol; We therefore hear any bottle, can or small flask that would no longer be hermetically sealed (no more stopper, no tongue, no capsule) and that would be broken.

Penalties for drunk driving

The one who drinks too much finishes on foot
In most states, the drunk driver is removed from his driver's license, and he is often suspended for 1 year for the first offenses, 3 years for the second, and 5 years for the third. In some states, the permit may even be revoked permanently.DUI Attorneys

Similarly, vehicles driven are generally seized or at least immobilized (with the installation of a hoof for example), and sometimes even the number plates are confiscated.

Avoid paying your tour

Of course, the drunk driver must pay a fine - which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars - not to mention all the costs that follow: recovering your car from pounding, then car insurance costs much higher, The installation of the alcolock system on vehicles, the costs of lawyers ... and aspirin tubes that will help you recover from the evening and relieve your headaches after so many complications.

After too many beers, you end up in community service

Additional penalties for fines and the withdrawal of your license often remain mandatory community service. Not only will the doors of certain professions be shut down forever (for example, a driver in the public service), but you will also lose your job if one of the conditions of employment is to have a clean criminal record. You will surely attend classes on the dangers of alcohol or enroll in driving lessons.Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Increasingly state impose a prison sentence on drivers who are arrested while drunk, even if it is their first offense. It usually comes down to 1 or 2 days that can be done on a weekend (it postpones your weekend plans to the sea - damage the water would have done you good). For repeat offenders, even those who have committed aggravating circumstances, this can quickly escalate.