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10 foods that make you stink

10 foods that make you stink

10 foods that make you stink

We all have a body odor that characterizes us and distinguishes us from each other. In everyday life, we do our best to make our odor more pleasant: showers, deodorants, perfumed body creams, etc. Everything passes. But despite all this routine, it has all happened to us, one day or the other, to notice that we feel particularly strong and not at all good! What if the culprits were food? Let's take a closer look!

We will never repeat it enough, our diet is the key to our general state. A healthy and balanced diet allows for a healthy body and a functioning body, while a diet rich in industrial or processed products is equivalent to excessive weight gain and various health problems.

But know that the foods you consume also have an impact on the odors naturally produced by your body?

Here are the 10 foods responsible for bad body odor:

1 - The garlic
Thanks to its many antibacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic properties, garlic is an extremely beneficial food for health. However, its active agent named allicin, which gives it its special taste and its strong odor, produces compounds slowly digested by the body, which is reflected in the odors that the latter produces.

2 - The onion
Because of its sulfur compounds that turn into volatile compounds, the onion makes us cry whenever it is cut or crushed. It is these same compounds which are at the origin of its odor, and which perfume our whole body after its consumption.

3 - The asparagus
Very beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system, however, asparagus has the disadvantage of giving the urine a strong odor even nauseous. This is due to the asparagusic acid which, once digested, releases sulfur compounds, with the odor of rotten egg, that the body evacuates through the urine.

4 - Red meat
Very rich in protein, red meat requires a longer time to digest and metabolize. However, slow digestion causes food fermentation and the emission of nauseous intestinal gas. Moreover, by spending energy to overcome it, the body begins to sweat, which gives off an unpleasant odor resulting from the reaction between the residues of the meat and the bacteria of the skin.

5 - Spices
Spices, such as curry, cumin or other, are much appreciated in the kitchen for their aromas that are suitable for all dishes. Nevertheless, their odor that clings to the skin and to the breath, is not easy to bear.

6 - Dairy products
If you suffer from lactose intolerance, the consumption of dairy products increases your risk of suffering from severe digestive disorders, but also from bad breath and particularly malodorous flatulence.

7 - The fish
Very nutritious and beneficial to your health, fish is a food to be absolutely incorporated into your weekly diet. However, its choline content, a complex B vitamin, may give you an odor that is similar to that of fish and that will come out of your body as soon as you sweat or urinate.

8 - Cruciferous vegetables
Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and all other cruciferous vegetables are known for their ability to cause flatulence to the rotten egg odor. The latter is due to their sulfur content that the body eliminates through sweating.

9 - The junk food
Containing a lot of additives, artificial flavors, preservatives, refined sugar, industrial foods are difficult to digest by the body, which tries to eliminate the toxins they contain through the urine, Sweating and flatulence with stifling odor.

10 - The durian fruit
This tropical fruit is the king of bad breath. It has a distinct and very tenacious taste as well as a strong and very unpleasant odor, which makes that in certain places in Asia, such as hotels, you find the following statement: "durians are prohibited in the establishment"!