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What The Form Of Your Middle Finger Reveals About Your Personality

What The Form Of Your Middle Finger Reveals About Your Personality

 Middle Finger Reveals About Your Personality

The middle finger is standing proudly beside his other four comrades. Sure of him, he has every reason to be so because alone he can teach you things you did not know about yourself! The proof…

You have certainly heard about the physical features that can be reflected on your personality. The shape and size of your nose, mouth, eyes or fingers always reveal features of your character. And especially the middle finger, because the latter can reveal several facets of your personality, sometimes even the most hidden ones ... This may seem unbelievable, and yet, everything is only a matter of comparison. To make sure, it is up to you to see in which category you identify, because this article will expose you to the end of your nails!

Your middle finger has a pointed head

If your middle finger is wide at the base and has the pointed tip, it is surely because it is as fine as you. You are a person endowed with infinite generosity, whether material or sentimental, you like to give of your person, your time and your goods. Your caring side makes you lovable and appreciated by others because people like you are getting more and more rare.

You do not like to be annoyed or complicated. This is normal because with you, everything is fluid and simple, besides you advocate simplicity. That's what makes you happiest. Your modesty is unparalleled, your sensibility makes you singular and your spirit of solidarity is unequaled. You are a unique person!

Your middle finger is regular

Your middle finger has a rectangular shape? It is true that it is the least feminine of all but it is nonetheless revealing of a soft, timid and reserved personality. You have a blue fear of change because you like to bury yourself in a routine that reassures you. You have an emotional, warm, affectionate and protective temperament, which makes your loved ones very dependent or even emotionally dependent on you.

On the other hand, you have very few friends because you are selective and have great difficulty in trusting. You prefer what is rare and precious to what is abundant and worthless. Pretty serious but kind and cheerful, you tend to hide your love for life and your optimism. Learn to reveal yourself more, people will only appreciate your bright personality.

Your middle finger is irregular

Irregular as your way of life. You are spontaneous, impulsive and unpredictable! Your finger shows that you are very optimistic, in love with life, that you crunch it with your teeth and that you cling to it with all your fingers. Rays of sunshine emanate from you, and your loved ones delight in it. You like to laugh, to make jokes, to tease others and to play. It's never too late to have fun!

But your spontaneous and frivolous character deprives you of any capacity to organize yourself. Besides, the organization, you do not even know what it is! You do not like to take responsibilities at the risk of feeling tied to a life too boring. You like to spice up your life and especially that of others to kill the monotony. You advocate freedom and independence, and your frivolous and light side makes your loved ones crack.