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 How Do I Choose A Hairstyle That Suits Me

How Do I Choose A Hairstyle That Suits Me

Choose Hairstyle That Suits Me

Find out What Haircut Best for You!

It has surely happened to you at least once in your life to come back from the hairdresser's home empty-handed and disappointed to find you with a haircut that does not suit you at all. And yet you have made clear to him that you want to change your head and become beautiful again. We have for you a foolproof method so that the next time you go to the hairdresser with in the head the exact idea of the cut you want to make and which will fit you the best.

You should know that a single haircut may not go to a person and instead, illuminate the face of another. So if you're dreaming of a diving square and you do not have the morphology to, review your plans! Here is the infallible trick to choose the cut that will showcase you and bring out your personal charm.

Haircutting is the detail that highlights a person or gives it a neglected appearance. It is often thanks to the haircut that one makes good or bad impression from the first meeting. It is therefore very important not to miss it and to choose a cut that is perfectly suited to our type of morphology and personality. The choice of a cut is made according to two main criteria, the shape of the face and the nature of the hair. So if you do not have the opportunity to call in the expert hands of a hair stylist, you can follow our tip, and between us it is far better!

Hairstyle That Suits Me

The shape of the face

Just as you make a choice between buying a bootcut jeans or slim jeans depending on your body shape, a good haircut requires reflection on your part because it all depends on the shape of your face. It is clear that you will not opt for a boyish cut if you have square face. So here are the rules to follow depending on your type of face.

- If your face is round, you will have to opt for a destructured hairstyle such as gradients, or tapered gradations, because a cut that is too strict such as a square will harden your features and give you a strict and severe air. This type of cut will go perfectly as it will add a little naughty and chic note to your face.

- If your face is oval, it is because you have the easiest face to comb. You can dare more cuts than other women, and also have the advantage of allowing you fringes. These will enhance your face more than with any other face shape.

- The square faces often have the lower jaw protruding on the sides, it gives a masculine look to the woman, that is why it will be necessary to choose a cut that will refine its features and bring out its femininity. In this case, opt for voluminous cuts such as a gradient or an asymmetrical hairstyle.

- If you have a heart-shaped face, it means that you have more volume at the top than at the bottom of your face. It will be necessary to create a balance by opting for cuts that give volume down. Go for a fringe on the side to compensate for the protruding side of your forehead.

- If you have a long face, avoid small cuts that will accentuate the elongated aspect of your face. Avoid cutting too smooth, too flat and too tight. Dare the volume! A soft and unstructured gradient will help bring smoothness to the long face.

The nature of the hair

The nature of the hair also plays a crucial role in choosing a haircut, if not the most important. Because even if you dream so much of a cup with the Selena Gomez and you have curly hair, your choice should rather be on a cup with the Shakira! And yes it is nature that decides!

- Fine hair imposes a rather structured cut. A gradient or taper requires volume, but your hair tends to flatten out. Fortunately for you the square has come back in fashion!

- On the other hand, if you have thick, curly hair, voluminous and imposing, forget the short cuts because your hair will tend to rise high, very high! At the risk of resembling an old unhappy clown, opt for long cuts that will bring your hair back down thanks to this wonderful phenomenon that is called weightlessness.

You are now ready to impose your choice as soon as you go to the hairdresser, and for once you will go with clear ideas. Also, consider diversifying your hairstyles, a beautiful haircut does not always rhyme with loose hair. Accent your hair accessories, make braids, chignons ... etc. And if you have a short cut, a good stroke of styling wax to tame and structure your hairstyle to your liking and you are ready to drop more than one.