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3 Incredible Facts About Cuddling That Make You Healthier

3 Incredible Facts About Cuddling That Make You Healthier

3 Incredible Facts About Cuddling

Cuddling, everyone wants it and no one would deny it, especially when they arrive at the right time. Some are cuddles of love, others tenderness or even joy and victory. Be that as it may, they are always welcome because they would do no good except our morale.

To embrace someone with all his strength is first and foremost a proof of love. Inwardly, it is the unconscious will to want the other to be part of us. Just like caresses, hugs are messages that convey several ideas: love, joy, tenderness, protection and gratitude towards someone. That is why they are so precious. And happy are those who give and receive mostly.

Here are the therapeutic benefits of Cuddling on your health:

Hugs, energy bombs

It is scientifically proven, cuddles increase the rate of a hormone responsible for joy and satisfaction, called oxytocin. This same hormone is responsible for the energy that emanates from you. In addition, oxytocin results in an improvement in your mood and mental health, for the simple and good reason that one feels loved.

Besides the energy it gives you, a hug relaxes, relaxes, invigorates, calms and rests the body. Whether you give it or receive it, it is a source of positive energy that surrounds you and binds you with your loved ones. Hugs strengthen relationships and strengthen relationships.

Hug me to feel reassured!

The hug is a universal language, which has neither words nor sound. It is a way of saying that one loves without having to open one's mouth. It is also a way of saying that one believes in the other, that one trusts him, in order to give him courage. It happens in life that one is cruelly lacking and that one feels the need to have someone who takes us in his arms and gives us confidence, it is innate in us. To take someone in his arms is to reassure, protect and encourage him, just like what a mother does to her child on the first day of school. For life in general is a school.

Cuddles, a real protection against diseases!

Doctors are unanimous: getting cuddles would strengthen your immune system, better than that, they push back all the risks that you get sick from depression, a disease that would affect more than 350 million people in the world according to the WHO. The reason ? Two hormones: dopamine and serotonin, two hormones of happiness and well-being, neurotransmitters of your brain, which promote its proper functioning and which give a good boost to your morale. 

These same hormones can help calm psychic pain during the hard moments of life. And icing on the cake, cuddles would be true means to counter the viruses because they would boost the immune defenses, to decrease the blood pressure and thus to preserve cardiovascular diseases. According to Dr. Sheldon Cohen, a researcher at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania, a hug a day would be a formidable weapon for spending the winter without fear of getting sick. So do not wait on January 21, World Day of hugs to hug you.