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Do This To Look Younger Than Your Age

Do This To Look Younger Than Your Age

Do This To Look Younger Than Your Age

You definitely do not need reasons to do love making more regularly, but in case this is the case, this article will definitely interest you. A study has shown that making love often is the key to appearing younger than her age!

It must be said that there are scientific studies which are much more pleasant to quote than others. And this is precisely the case of this research carried out by Dr. David Weeks, a Scottish researcher at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

The scientist and his team conducted a study of 3,500 people of different ages to learn all the benefits of an active intimate life. The results of this study are very rewarding and concluded that couples who had love making at a frequency of three times a week appeared younger than their ages of 5 to 7 years.

Love a miracle anti-aging?

According to Dr. David Weeks, the pleasure provided by the love making act is a prime factor in preserving his youth. This can be explained by the effect that making love has on the whole body. Indeed, love making promotes the release of growth hormone, which helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

Making love also helps to improve blood circulation which is very beneficial to heart health and looks good. During the act, another hormone is also released, this is the endorphin, also known as the hormone of happiness. It is more exactly emitted during pleasure and can act as painkiller, reduce stress and provide a sense of well-being but also strengthen the immune system. Moreover, making love also helps to lose weight. 30 minutes of a part of legs in the air can indeed burn up to 200 calories, enough to make a training of pleasure!

In addition, it has been proven that whenever a person reaches pleasure the levels of the DHEA hormone increases in the body. This hormone also called the anti-aging hormone, protects the dermis, stimulates the production of collagen that maintains the suppleness of the skin, acts as an antidepressant and boosts the immune system. Making love regularly has also been linked to higher levels of procreation hormones (testosterone and estrogen). Remember that the increase in estrogen levels makes for a more beautiful, radiant and therefore younger skin.

Other Benefits of love making Activity:

According to Werner Habermehl, an expert in desire behavior, the love making would also stimulate the brain. This can be explained by the quantities of hormones secreted during the love making act and which promote brain functions. Better cerebral function will in turn have an effect on psychological health, which positively impacts longevity.

To conclude, making love is not just a moment of pleasure but it is an act that has many health benefits and especially helps to have a more youthful appearance. Dr. Davis Weeks pointed out that people must be active in their intimate life at all ages.

According to him, "pleasure satisfaction contributes enormously to the quality of life, and can even be ranked at the same level as spiritual or religious commitments."