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Los Angeles: Villas and The Luxury Real Estate

Los Angeles: Villas and The Luxury Real Estate

The stars of the orange balloon, the bronzed actors, the honest politicians - and all the others - all are there: not to cover scandalous magazines, not only in California but also in California. The wealthiest state in the United States attracts the most fortunate, who also wish to have their foot in the Golden State. Where are these most expensive bits of bitumen concentrated? Investigation.

The beach city that rises very strong: Manhattan Beach

Pretty city on the coast, Manhattan Beach is part of South Bay, this area that starts from the south of Santa Monica and stretches as far as Long Beach. This dune-shaped land is now one of the places where real estate is highest in California - and where the price to square foot is the highest in the United States.

Who are / were neighbors? Matthew Fox, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

The small jewels of the corner: The houses generally sell around 2.2 million dollars, you have if not pretty little villas all high (4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, about 4,000 sq ft) for 9 million dollars .

Average cost for square foot? $ 1,153/sq ft.

The neighborhood that makes you dream: Beverly Hills

How is it ? This is probably the most known zip code in the world: 90210. The neighborhood that took off in the 1920s to have welcomed movie stars remains today a must in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills can be visited, savored and remembered.

Who are / were neighbors? Taylor Swift, Adam Levine, Adele, Tom Ford, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump (even if it gives less desire).

The small jewels of the corner:: La Mansion Playboy, where top-models in bikini and pompom slippers are lounging in a house with 200 million dollars; The Palazzo di Amore, where you can park 150 cars ($ 149 million).

Average cost for square foot? 1.078/sq ft.

The Artists' Corner bobo: Venice Beach

How is it ? Venice owes its name and its nickname ("Venice of America") to its pretty little canals and its architecture recopied on its Italian cousin with its beach which has probably welcomed the athletic bodies and red bikinis of the actors of Alert to Malibu . Today is a well-known corner of tourists but also celebrities, artists a little bobo and young people in the evening.

Who are / were neighbors? Julia Roberts, Robert Downey, John Frusciante and Nicolas Cage.

The small jewels of the corner: Nice houses sometimes by the sea, 3,000 sq ft, for about 9 million dollars - a mortgage of 34,000 / month per se.

Average cost for square foot? $ 1.088/sq ft.

Surfers' paradise: Malibu

How is it ? Obviously, in the same way as Beverly Hills, everyone knows Malibu. This coastal city makes you dream more than one, even if the city is not limited to its idyllic kilometers of fine sand to the houses feet in the water: the city extends also on the heights and in collies without end.

Who are / were neighbors? Ellen DeGeneres, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Charlie Sheen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks ...

The small jewels of the corner: The beautiful little house of Terry Semel, former CEO of Yahoo! sold 50 million dollars with its 2 pretty little guest houses, the beautiful property of Jim Carrey, listed 13,9 million dollars, in particular Due to its superb master suite with ocean views.

Average cost for square foot? 954$/sq ft.

The City of Athletes: Hermosa Beach

How is it ? Known for its large beach, Hermosa Beach is stuck between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. The city is now the favorite of volleyball, surfing, paddle, water sports enthusiasts but also the flagship destination for those wishing to sunbathe or go out.

Who are / were neighbors? Successful TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel, the skater (and Jackass's furious madman) Jason Acuna and basketball player Brent Barry.

The small jewels of the corner: Villas completely paradisiac about 6,000 sq ft, for sale for 22,900,000 million dollars ...

Average cost for square foot? 946$ / sq ft.

Pacific Palisades

How is it ? Located to the east of Los Angeles and slightly over the heights, Pacific Palisades is a truly residential corner, which consists of well hidden houses and some very welcoming condos.

Who are / were neighbors? Ben Affleck, John Mayer, Poppy Montgmoery, Matt Damon, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, and our Johnny (Hallyday).

The small jewels of the corner: Pretty villas on many floors and with pool, 8-10,000 sq ft for about $ 12,000,000.

Average cost for square foot?  943$/sq ft.

Santa Monica

How is it ? Well known for being at one end of Route 66 (which only true people know), but also for its big wheel perched on its recognizable pontoon between 1,000, Santa Monica is, surprisingly, more affordable than its neighbor Venice. It is a very pretty town, quite dynamic but also professional, with many studios and offices.

Who are / were neighbors? Jamie Lee Curtis, Big Sean, Tobey Maguire, Coco Montoya, and Robert Redford.

The small jewels of the corner: Very nice villas from 8 to 9,000 sq ft, for 10 million to 20 million dollars.

Average cost for square foot?  926$/sq ft.