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What Marriage Line Palm Reveals About Your Marriage Life

What Marriage Line Palm Reveals About Your Marriage Life

What Marriage Line Palm Reveals About Your Marriage Life

Since the dawn of time, people have always been curious to know what is hiding their future. To find out, they use a variety of practices that reveal their character traits and temperament, but also predict the future. The palmistry, which consists of reading the future through the lines of the hand, is one of the most popular practices. By learning to decipher these different lines, one can learn a lot about what awaits us afterwards but also about our marriage.

Chiropractic is a divination practice, used for several years. It is based on the lines of the hand to decipher the personality and predict the future. It consists in interpreting all the signs present in the hand. According to this practice, the palm of the hand is made up of several mountains, which analyzed, can reveal several things about the character of the person. We can distinguish between Mount Venus, Mount Mars, Mount Jupiter, Mount Saturn, Mount Sun, Mount Mercury and Mount of the Moon. The hand also has several lines that can tell a lot about the different aspects of life. These include the line of the heart, the line of life, the line of luck, the line of destiny or even the line of marriage.

The latter, which is located under the little finger, makes it possible to reveal your future in matters of marriage and family life. No need to go anywhere else to get an idea of what you are hiding in the future, just contemplate your hand.

Here is how to interpret this line according to its position:

Close to the heart line:

Among the proposed representations, if your wedding line is near the line of the heart, which starts from the middle and ends under the little finger on the palm of the hand, this indicates that you will marry at a young age. You are very likely to get married in the twenties.

Close to the base of the little finger:

Unlike the wedding line case located near the heart line, which announces an early wedding, when the wedding line is rather close to the base of the little finger, this reveals a rather late wedding, between 35 and 50 years.

This is obviously not a reason to despair because you will definitely find the right person at the right time.

In the middle between the line of the heart and the base of the ring-finger:
If you are among the people whose wedding line lies exactly in the middle between the base of the ring finger and the line of the heart, you are lucky! This reveals that you will marry at a perfect age, around thirty.

Many lines:

The wedding line on your hand is actually not one but several lines? Rejoice, because you have a great chance of getting married. If you have a shorter line than others, especially, it may be that the big day is much closer than you think.

A long line:

If you have a single long line under the little finger, this indicates that you will fall in love with the right person and it will be for life. You will have the chance to have a lasting marriage and especially very happy.

A star near or glued to the wedding line:

Having a small star near the wedding line is a sign of good luck. This reveals that you will start a new relationship, you will soon get married or have children.

The line goes up:

When the wedding line goes up, this demonstrates your strong desire for marriage. Do not worry, because your wishes will be fulfilled. You will meet the perfect partner and have a happy marriage

The line goes down:

A line that goes downwards shows that you are someone who has high expectations, is too stressed and is so dedicated to work, that he does not get the chance to find the right person to go with his life.