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This Miracle Recipe Works After Only One Week

This Miracle Recipe Works After Only One Week

Miracle Combination Works After Only One Week

Losing weight is one of the initiatives that require the most effort. We all have in our entourage a person who dreams of having a slim and sculpted body, this can even be your case. The task can be exhausting and difficult to reconcile between playing sports, adopting a healthy diet and staying active.

Weight loss

In addition, losing weight takes a lot of time: you could spend more than a year fighting the whims of your body, sometimes to no avail. There are however some tricks to help your body speed up the weight loss process by adapting to the necessary time and strict lifestyle to follow. From the moment you discover the miraculous recipe, for which you will only need 2 ingredients, your quest for the perfect body will be much easier.

You will have real and effective results if you follow these instructions on a daily basis. Remember that although you can lose weight, your body is likely to increase the number of calories quickly and that is why it is rather difficult to maintain a fixed weight. But thanks to the super method presented in this article, you will succeed in lowering and maintaining your weight if you adopt it for a long time.

Lose up to 2.5 pounds in one week with these two great ingredients!

For this simple recipe, you will only need water and bananas.


This fruit is a source of vitamins and minerals. It contains three kinds of sugar (glucose, sucrose and fructose), water and fiber.

The banana is low in fat and sodium but very rich in potassium. You have there the winning ticket to the lottery of weight loss. Natural sugars satisfy your brain and taste buds and greatly reduce the feeling of hunger. The fibers facilitate intestinal transit, thus ridding your body of toxins and deflating your belly. Fruits like banana, avocado or coconut contain very little lipids and promote the elimination of fat cells. Potassium, it helps the metabolism to burn fat, fights hypertension, increases blood flow and reduces cramps and muscle pain. You will have more energy to spare and will overflow in good humor.

An American study was conducted among overweight and / or diabetic people to find out whether the starch contained in the banana caused insulin secretion and could be linked to weight gain. Individuals who consumed 24 grams of bananas on a daily basis for a month lost an average of 1.2 kilograms and, moreover, were able to improve their insulin sensitivity.

As for people with type 2 diabetes, and contrary to popular belief, unripe banana improves insulin sensitivity with the resistant starch it contains. This reduces blood glucose and insulin secretion. Care must be taken to consume this unripe fruit and in moderation.

The water

In addition to hydrating the body, evacuating waste and refreshment, water facilitates weight loss, especially at the waist level, provided it is consumed at least 1.5L per day. It is advisable to drink it ideally 30 minutes before meals. It acts as an appetite suppressant. If you drink a large glass of water just before eating, the volume of your stomach will increase, which will speed up the process of satiety. A study conducted by the University of Virginia showed that drinking before eating facilitated the monitoring and effectiveness of low-calorie diets. Volunteers who passed the test lost an average of 5.4 kilos in 12 weeks, compared with less than 3.3 kilograms for those who did not drink.

How to proceed ?

Every day, eat two bananas and drink two glasses of warm water before eating breakfast. But most importantly, do not eat anything after 6pm. Also consider eating a banana and a glass of water when you have a small dip, as both ingredients are excellent appetite suppressants.