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Miracle Oil for Pain Relief Of Your Arthritis And Sciatica

Miracle Oil for Pain Relief Of Your Arthritis And Sciatica

Pain Relief Of Your Arthritis And Sciatica

Sciatic pain is recognized as the evil of the century. It is a paralyzing pain that takes hold of the leg and is due to the damaged sciatic nerve. Since it is often very frequent, it would be better to treat it naturally to avoid the abuse of drugs, at the risk of becoming addicted. The solution ? An oil, but not just any one.

In France, sciatica affects 5 to 10% of patients suffering from back pain. Stress, prolonged effort, age and overweight are important factors. We have the solution to relieve you of all the back pain that can exist. The treatment you need to apply is totally natural, hence its long-term effectiveness. In addition to the many natural methods that we have already proposed to you such as the consumption of turmeric, white willow bark, fenugreek or therapeutic massages and acupuncture, you can complete your care with this oil that works miracles against pain Backbones.

The Benefits of Castor Oil

This oil originated in India does wonders. Castor oil has many properties, excellent for the beauty of the body and especially for its health. It is particularly used in traditional medicine for its laxative, purgative, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

It contains ricin-oleic acid which has innumerable medicinal virtues. It combats several diseases such as Parkinson's disease, baldness, constipation, intestinal disorders, yeast infections, sunburn, inflammation, ringworm, acne, migraine, arthritis pain, Rheumatism and back pain.

How to relieve sciatic pain with castor oil?

There is nothing better to relieve back pain and sciatic pain than natural products. Our selection today is on this miraculous oil that can quickly make you forget your back pain and sciatica.

You can use this massage oil directly on your back. For greater efficiency, heat it slightly before use. Ask one of your loved ones to massage your back and especially the area that hurts you. The massage should be gentle, slow and delicate. Apply this treatment as many times as you can and accompany it with exercises and stretches that will give you more relief.

Warnings :

Pregnant women are advised not to use castor oil because of its ability to induce childbirth because of its high laxative power.

People who suffer from hemorrhoids or colic or irritable bowel syndrome should not consume it either.

It is recommended not to exceed the dose of half a teaspoon of castor oil per day and to have the advice of your treating physician before use.
The use of this oil in massage has no side effects. For a first use, make sure not to be allergic by doing a test on a part of your body.

Avoid eating castor seeds because they contain 2 kinds of toxins that are harmful to your health: ricin and ricinine.