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5 Natural Tricks To Get Rid of Body Hair

5 Natural Tricks To Get Rid of Body Hair

Natural Tricks To Get Rid of Body Hair

Since the dawn of time, women have always sought to get rid of their hair. Removal with painful wax, razor wound or irritating depilatory creams, they tried everything. Here are 5 secrets jealously guarded by our grandmothers, which will make your hair decrease significantly over time.

Choosing the most painful method to remove hair does not necessarily mean choosing the most effective, because finally, even with the wax bought in store, the hair eventually grow back after a few days. So how to curb the early regrowth of hair and how to decrease their appearance until total disappearance?

Here are 5 tips from grandmothers that will make your hair diminish and disappear over time and with waxing.

The pumice stone

It was thought to be used only to remove dead skin from our cracked heels, but no, we can also use it to depilate. Provided you know how to do it! Pumice stone is a natural stone, used in Turkish bath (traditional hammams) and whose first role is to exfoliate the skin. But it can also  remove the hairs and this, rubbing it gently against the skin, following small circular movements. Your hair will be removed from the root, gently and less painfully, because the skin will be exfoliated and erased at the same time. Over time your hair will not dare to point the tip of their nose.

The lemon

Long used by our grannies, lemon has innumerable cosmetic virtues. It is used in particular during  removal in order to slow hair regrowth. After the usual waxing, pass a slice of lemon on the depilated area, this will make your hairs thinner and rarer. You can also boil lemon juice with a few cloves and put on the shaved area. But be careful not to expose yourself to the sun just after that, because the lemon is photo-sensitizing.

Waxing with Oriental Wax

Contrary to what one might think, oriental hair removal has absolutely nothing to do with the wax bought in the store, for the simple reason that the first is made only from natural products. The second only has the texture, but it is irritating and chemical. Oriental wax is made from sugar, honey and lemon. These three ingredients are excellent for the skin. The honey is nourishing and soothing, the sugar is exfoliating and the lemon has a whitening and softening power. Waxing with oriental wax makes your hair thinner and your skin softer. And the result can last up to 3 weeks or even a month.


Turmeric has the power to reduce hair growth incredibly. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory so soothing after waxing. It unifies the complexion of your skin and fights black and dark spots under your armpits. To use it, mix 2 spoons of turmeric with a natural yoghurt without sugar, then apply the mixture on the skin just after removal. Put on gloves and massage for a few minutes before rinsing. Your hairs will become more and more rare and your removal will spread out. You can also use turmeric to exfoliate the skin before waxing. For this mix turmeric powder with chickpea flour and water to obtain a thick paste. You then apply the latter on your skin by massaging well to remove the dead skin and thus facilitate the removal of hair.

Fresh milk

Milk is moisturizing, nourishing, softening and soothing. And in addition, it has a strong whitening power. Your skin can only love it. Make it a habit to massage your skin with fresh, preferably organic, milk, this is one of the best ways to fight hair regrowth.