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People Were Shocked By What This Doctor Did To A Baby

People Were Shocked By What This Doctor Did To A Baby

People Were Shocked By What This Doctor Did To A Baby

Baby cries and we do not know why, we panic and we do not know what to do and how to calm her crying. Generally, the reason for her tears is due to intestinal cramps. This doctor has found a very effective practice to calm the intestinal cramps of babies and it is very strange.

When babies are born, their bodies need to get used to a completely different environment from where they lived during the nine months of pregnancy (the placenta). Then, after a few days, there is pain that can not be tolerated by newborn babies who can only manifest it by intense crying, and this can last for a long time. Unfortunately at this stage it is too early to administer any drug to any baby, so you feel helpless. This is why it is necessary to know the good gestures to adopt and to know to apply the good tricks to calm its pains.

What is an intestinal cramp?

Intestinal colic or cramps are pain that occurs in almost all newborns in the first few weeks of life. They are mainly explained by the fact that their digestive system does not function quite normally and gradually becomes accustomed to the new mode of feeding (breast milk). Lactose intolerance, mother's stress response, feeding, and absorption of air through breastfeeding may also be contributing causes. Colic can occur up to the age of 3 months but begin to subside and become less frequent as of the twelfth week. They occur mostly half an hour to an hour and a half after meals.

How to recognize intestinal cramps?

Babies have different crying. Some express hunger, others sleep or still others pain. We can recognize the intestinal cramps in the infant mainly by strident, intense and uninterrupted crying. The baby becomes red, his face twists, he stiffens, arches his back, tightens his wrists and brings back his thighs to his belly. This one is hard and full of air. Generally its crisis is accompanied by gas and flatulence.

How to remedy it naturally?

Dr. Ian Rossbourghu is an Australian chiropractor. It very often receives parents whose infants make seizures because of colic. And if they call on his services, it is because this doctor has found an unstoppable technique to instantly calm the pain of babies. His technique consists of stretching the baby on the stomach, stretching his spine and then exerting small pressures with his fingers on the back of the infant to look for the tense area, then stretching it even more, he quickly presses with the palm Of his hand on this point which suggests a cracking sound. The baby cries naturally after this and then stops all at once, it becomes more relaxed and feels no pain. People seeing this practice were shocked at first but were eventually convinced that it calmed colic pains in infants.

A practice that arouses controversy

However, this practice has led to medical opinions divided into two opposing parties. Some doctors like Dr. Frank Jones, president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (a professional body for general practitioners in Australia), says chiropractic is a dubious practice because it has yet to prove its efficacy officially .

Other tips to apply to calm baby

  • If this technique also makes you cold in the back, you can always resort to some softer tricks to calm your baby's pain.
  • Regularly massage your baby's tummy by making circular movements with your fingers to relax the tensions that cause intestinal cramps.
  • Have your baby get hot baths on a regular basis as the heat will help him relax.
  • Play with your baby by pedaling his legs, this will allow the intestines to release the air they compress.
  • If you are stressed, relax because baby feels all your stress, which accentuates his pain.
  • Even if baby eats at all hours of the day and this is binding for you, give her enough time to drink her milk. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, your baby needs time to drink slowly. Do not squeeze it, otherwise it will absorb air when drinking which will cause more colic.
  • Its feeding also passes through yours. Since you are prohibited from eating certain foods or certain products that may harm your baby's health, you should also give priority to foods that cause the least amount of gas. You must imperatively reduce your intakes of dairy products, yeast-containing foods, and anything that tends to cause intestinal gas.
  • Lengthen your baby flat on your thighs, hold it well with one hand and then the other caress his back. This technique will relax him.
  • Drink herbal teas (chamomile, verbena ... etc). Their virtues will do you good as well as to baby.