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Personality Type Revealed By What Body Part You Wash First In Shower

Personality Type Revealed By What Body Part You Wash First In Shower

Body Part You Wash First In Shower

The part of your body that you wash first when you take your shower indicates your personality type.

It is said that the mind is closely tied to the body. Well this is what proves this study that evaluates your personality profile by seeing which part of your body you wash first.

What do you wash first when you shower? Your hair ? Your face ? Or another part of your body? The question is essential because it is his answer that determines your personality type. What's yours ?

The hair

You are a creative person, an artist at heart. You like to stick your fingers between your strands and let yourself go into daydreaming, because you are a very dreamy person. You love to dream of reaching your goals although you are slightly lacking in perseverance. Greed is far from your default, you give no value to money and that is your strong point. 

You like to surround yourself with intellectual friends who resemble you. You are constantly looking for affection and love and that is why you are looking to please as many people as possible. You have an unheard-of talent in almost every field. You love nature, meditate, daydream and enter a spiritual dimension just to you.


You are admirably pragmatic, honest, faithful, loyal, very easygoing and have a great sense of service. So many qualities combined in one person! On the other hand, you tend to be overly hurried, too stressed and impatient. Learn to keep calm and cool. Patience is learned! Relax and have confidence in the future.


The people who wash the armpits first are reliable and attentive people. If you are part of this type of people, it is that you are very helpful and popular. You tend to be a little reserved and too cautious because you have difficulty in trusting and understanding the true intent of people you do not know. On the other hand you are a bit naive and this can play you tricks.

The face

You are exactly the opposite of the first profile, because you love money and you do not hide it. Besides, you are a person ready to do anything to get it. You like to surround yourself with as many people as possible to ensure a strong emotional comfort. You struggle to make yourself understood some times because you live in a world apart, a world of your own, which could make you believe that you are a bit egocentric. You have an overflowing imagination and endless desires. In your couple you tend to rely too much on your spouse until becoming independent. Learn to live for yourself without blurring your relationship.


The shoulders are the part of the body on which everything rests. This is exactly your type of personality because you are someone very responsible and devoted. You often need to step back and recline on yourself to recharge your batteries.

Money and power do not inspire you, you attach more importance to sure values like friendship and love. Besides, in love you are someone very loyal. Meditation and relaxation can be of great benefit to you.

Other body parts

The rest of the body is not to be neglected because people who start with a part other than the one mentioned above have great qualities, but unfortunately for them, few people recognize it. You are humble and very correct. 

You must learn to boast your qualities more than try to camouflage your little defects, in order to better make you appreciate by your entourage. Your couple is a couple who never get bored because you have an adventurous and playful soul. You are incredibly passionate. Try to work on your interior more so that your qualities are highlighted.