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How to Remove Calluses and Corns Naturally and Painlessly

How to Remove Calluses and Corns Naturally and Painlessly

Remove Calluses and Corns Naturally and Painlessly

When summer is approaching, we put on open shoes proudly displaying our little cubs. But lack of bowl, after the rough winter season, our feet can suffer from corns, warts or calluses. So how to remedy it naturally without getting hurt? Here is the answer.

The horns at the foot

The corns on the foot, also called calluses, are defined as a thickening of the superficial layer of the epidermis. Generally, they are found on the soles of the feet or at the corner of the toes. There are two types of horns, soft horns and hard horns. They are due to friction or repeated pressure on a specific area of the foot.

Causes of foot corns

The causes of the calluses can be multiple:
  • Inadequate shoes, too narrow or too wide
  • A wrong approach
  • Naturally deformed feet (too flat)
  • The presence of an onion (hallux valgus)
  • Extended Stages
  • Wearing shoes without socks ... etc.

How to stop corns?

To prevent the appearance of the horns, you must first choose shoes of excellent quality, which go well with the shape of your foot and which are neither too tight nor too wide.

Before buying a pair of shoes, try it in the shop and walk with to check if it is comfortable when walking.

Opt for noble materials that are soft and stretchy like leather.
Choose comfortable heels that are not too high.

Diversify your pairs of shoes to not ignite certain areas of your feet.
Wear good quality soles that can limit sweating.

If you plan to walk for a long time, do not wear open sandals because they do not protect the entire foot, which favors the appearance of corns.

How to remove the corns already present at the foot?

The corns on the foot should be removed quickly because if they become infected, it will take a slight surgical operation to remove them. People with diabetes are the most affected. So here are the two best methods to remove corns from the foot, warts and calluses without resorting to pharmaceuticals and sharps (foot grater ... etc).

Garlic and lemon

Garlic is antiseptic and antimycotic, it helps to fight the warts thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Lemon has softening properties, it naturally eliminates the calluses of the feet.

Use: Apply a clove of garlic split on the callus or wart, put a bandage and let act all night. The next day wash your foot with lukewarm water. Repeat this until the callus or wart is removed.

Yeast and Lemon

To remove calluses and corns from the foot, rub a half-lemon on these and then let dry in the open air and repeat the operation three days in a row. You can also mix lemon juice with a teaspoon of yeast to get a thick paste and apply it on your horn and let it act overnight.

Foot bath and pumice

This method comes straight from the oriental countries, where in the Turkish bath women rub their feet with a natural pumice stone. It has the power to eliminate dead skin and calluses without skinning your skin.

The method is as follows: soak your feet in hot soapy water and mixed with baking soda for about 15 minutes. This will soften the skin and exfoliate it to facilitate the elimination of dead skin. Then, gently massage your foot with a natural pumice stone without too much pressure to not damage the skin of your feet. Insist on cracked heels and places where horns are hard.

You can also apply castor oil on your horn using a cotton as many times as you can. Castor oil has the power to soften the skin of your horn and reduce the pain it causes, to eliminate it easily.