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5 Signs That Prove You Are Stubborn As A Mule

5 Signs That Prove You Are Stubborn As A Mule

Signs That Prove You Are Stubborn As A Mule

You are accustomed to tell you that you are stubborn and quite naturally you do not believe it. And yet you were born with this temperament and it will not change because you never change a character trait.

But it's still important to realize it and be convinced of it, because being stubborn may be part of your personality and it is not ready to change so soon.

Here are 5 signs that will finally prove that others are right when they say you are real stubborn as a mule.

To be wrong? -not!

First sign and this is often the most significant, you never admit either failure or defeat. When you are spoken to, you force the other to take your side, and it is totally contrary to the principles of democratic society. Nothing happens to make you change your mind because you are persuaded all the time that you are right unlike the others, no matter what arguments and evidence they put forward. The fact that others persist in contradicting you makes you angry at the highest point. And anger, you know what it is!

Anger, your way of expressing yourself

Precisely, you have nerves very skinny, in the sense that everything upsets you which makes you as sensitive as a grenade. You have this strange feeling that everyone is united against you and your way of doing and thinking. And just that, it puts you in all your states ... You will have to confess, calm and diplomacy are not your strong points. To make the head, to make the grimace, to groan, to rebel for everything and anything is part of your character trait. And you really must love yourself to bear it.

Let them make you wait ... aie!

The patient is not part of your qualities either. You can not stand waiting for others. And you claim that it is a lack of seriousness on their part. It is possible, but you can not either of your side to make efforts. You do not like to wait, or arrive late for appointments, and you feel that you should not do this to others. Good point for you it is granted to you! But still learn to wait because life is filled with small unexpected. It must be done!

Let's ask you a rabbit ... bad idea!

Still in this same sense, you can not stand to miss an appointment or to withdraw at the last minute. You do not like to change your plans and programs because of others for organizational reasons. This insupports you more than anything and it could even be a reason enough to break a bond of friendship. A polite apology can hardly calm your anger, but you are still resentful of the person who has had the misfortune to pose a rabbit. Your plans are made to be applied and not to be canceled! It's like that !

You are a bit ...

Finally ... a little too much anyway! It is no use lying to you, you are likely and this tends to annoy your loved ones. This is the main feature of your character. The susceptibility would even flow into your veins. Always there, to read between the lines, behind the words, to guess the negative thoughts of people, and even to look for the little beast a few times. You have this unheard-of talent to interpret what comes out of the mouths of others. Phenomenal! With you, a simple exchange can quickly become a dispute and if you know you well, you should expect it. Learn to forsake this bad habit because the world is not made only of bad guys, there are still people who do not allow anything to imply behind their sayings. Learn to make a difference.