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5 signs that you are with the wrong person

5 signs that you are with the wrong person

By falling in love, we are so transported by this new flame that has kindled in our hearts, that we sometimes no longer have an objective opinion of the situation in which we find ourselves. Just a look or a smile from the loved one, so that all our doubts and questions melted like snow in the sun. In order for the relationship to last, we must be sure that we have chosen the right person. 

How do you make a difference?

When the blinding light of passion begins to fade, several truths present themselves to us in a clearer way. It is therefore up to us to analyze our relationship and decide whether our current partner is the one we have always dreamed of.

To help you see more clearly, here are 5 signs that show that your choice was not the right one.

5 signs that show you are with the wrong person:

1- You imagine your life without him / her

We all see our future life and imagine how we would like it to be. But if during this exercise you do not imagine at all with your partner, it is worth worrying. You should also question your relationship if you are making plans for your future, where it has no role to play and no place to fill. When thinking about the coming days makes you forget completely its existence, you are certainly not with the right person!

2 - You are not emotionally attached to him / her

At the beginning of your relationship, you constantly wanted to stay with your partner and missed you after a few hours of absence. But as time passes, you realize that your feelings toward him / her are no longer the same. You no longer feel that attachment which binds you to one another and brought you closer in spite of your differences. You no longer have the ability to tolerate its flaws and make efforts to make your relationship work.

3 - He / she takes less parts of your activities

It is normal for each one of you to have different interests and activities that concern only him, but when this begins to widen a gap between you, it is time to take control. A couple whose two partners have no common activity, however trivial (board game, cinema evening ...), will soon succumb to the routine and the cold relations. So if you prefer to spend time alone or in the company of people other than your partner, this could be the beginning of the end.

4 - You have nothing in common

It is true that we can be attracted and even fall in love with people totally the opposite of our personality, but as soon as the passion fires, we realize that we have nothing to share. Our expectations, needs and aspirations are so different that even this sense of understanding and complicity that usually strengthens and nourishes the bonds of the couple does not exist. You have no common thread to discuss, and if ever, you can never find common ground.

5 - You do not make love any more

Making love is a time of sharing and complicity between the two partners. It is also an act which represents the most intimate and open form of communication. Moreover, the frequency and the quality of the loves in love with a couple is an indicator of its solidity. It is true that due to stressful situations, particular conditions or any kind of illness, the intimate life of both partners can be impacter. When your moments in bed are becoming more and more rare, and none of you seems embarrassed by this lack of intimacy, and does not want to talk about it, it may sound the death knell of your couple.