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Stop Throwing Out Your Teabags! Try Planting Them

Stop Throwing Out Your Teabags! Try Planting Them

Do not throw away your tea bags anymore! Plant them this way and watch what's going to happen

Discarding tea bags after use is a normal reflex, when one does not know their benefits and how to reuse them. Find in this article the different uses of tea bags used in beauty care, in the garden or to relieve several daily ailments!

If the virtues of tea, in all its varieties, are known to all, the benefits of its sachets remain unknown. And yet, they often end up in the trash when they can be used in different ways!

Here are 7 uses of used teabags:

1 - Prevent the appearance of fungi on plants

Tannic acid in tea has many benefits, including plant protection. Indeed, this substance reduces the pH of the soil, which helps prevent and control fungi. Just plant your tea bags used in your garden.

2 - Soothe sunburn

Sensation of burning, hot skin, the sunburn of the first day of tanning or after prolonged exposure to the sun are rather troublesome. Instead of opting for moisturizing creams to relieve this problem, make rather good use of your tea bags users!

Indeed, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect and its soothing action, the tea will help to alleviate the sunburn, but also the light burns.
Apply tea bags, which you will have cooled a little in the refrigerator, on the affected areas for a few minutes.

3 - Relieve puffy and tired eyes

Used tea bags, which are often found in the garbage can also have many benefits for the skin and especially to relieve puffy eyes and reduce dark circles. Indeed, the tannin contained in the tea acts as decongestant and soothing. So, to blur the signs of fatigue or a bad night sleep, opt for tea bags!

Put two used tea bags to cool in the refrigerator for a few minutes, then place them before your eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes before removing. This tip is to repeat regularly to have a fresh look!

4 - Getting rid of warts

Due to their antioxidant content, which combats free radicals that cause damage to cells, used tea bags can be effective against warts.

To enjoy their benefits, apply cold tea bags to the wart and attach them with a bandage. Leave on for 30 minutes. The wart should disappear quickly if you do this trick every day.

5 - Eliminate unpleasant odors

Thanks to its ability to absorb odors, tea (or used tea bags) can be used to eliminate bad odors!

Place a tea bag in the refrigerator to get rid of unpleasant scents
Put dry tea bags in your shoes and let it sit overnight. The next day, they will not feel any worse!

Rub a tea bag into your hands after cutting an onion or garlic, to eliminate their strong odors

6 - Relieve painful gums

Painful and bleeding gums can signal the onset of gingivitis, an oral condition that requires treatment to be cared for. Only if your gums make you suffer, we offer you a simple tip to calm them down, waiting to see your dentist.

Apply a tea bag on the painful part and let it act for a few minutes. The tannic acid contained in tea has soothing and astringent properties that will help relieve swelling and reduce bleeding.

6 - Exfoliate the skin of the face

After having drunk your cup of tea, do not throw away the sachet! Ingested tea will bring many benefits to your body, while the contents of the sachet can serve as an exfoliant!

Pour the contents of the used tea bag into a small bowl, then add a teaspoon of honey. Mix everything and make a scrub with circular movements. Leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing.

The antioxidant properties of tea and honey will help protect the skin from premature aging and bring it shine.

If you have acne scars, replace the honey with rice flour!